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Opening ports inyour router


Opening ports inyour router

I am trying to setup my Airave and the instructions indicate that I may need to open specific ports on my router to allow the Airave acces to the internet.

When I go to the settings in my LinkSys router I find a section for access and opening ports.

When I follow that I get a page of boxes to enter port numbers and each has the first three portions of an ip address.

I am to supply the last set for each address and I am unsure what to enter.

I think it should be 1-100 as this is my router range, however none of these combinations have yet to yield success.

Does anyone know how this is accomplished?


Every router is different, every device is different, and every LAN network is different. Your internal IP address (192.168.1.x) will be different depending on how the router is setup, how many devices you have connected, etc. There is no simple way to go through it from outside your network.

This website however has step-by-step instructions for almost every router and gateway and should be fairly easy to follow and get everything setup. As long as you know the port numbers you need forwarded, it should be able to help you find the internal network IP address for the device as well.

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