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People can't get through to me


People can't get through to me

I have three sprint cell phones, and when I try to call someone it will tell me  "The person you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time, please try your call later."

When people try to call me they will have to call mutiple times before they can get through, because of the same error message. I don't have a high cell bill. In fact I only owe $28.00 for next month and I only owed $32.00 last month because I pay early. Usually my bill is $228.00 if I wait to pay it. I don't understand what is going on.

Sprint has gave me a free AirRave thinking this will help me with my issues and because every once in a while I get network errors when I try to text someone, and it will send the same text 20 times in a row to someone until I restart my phone to get rid of the sprint network error issue. I have this issue on all my phones.

This started happening when I switched my phones to a different area code, and people can't even get through to me unless they dial a 1 insted of just the area code on local land lines.

Any ideas, or anyone ever expierence this kind of problem with sprint?. I live in the city, so I know that's not the probelm. I have called Sprint over a month ago and they said there was a tower outage but that is fixed now, with the same issue

Any help would be appreciated. I appreciate your time,



People can't get through to me

First thing would be to "reset" the Airave or Airvana as Samsung calls it.  This is different than simply pulling the power cable as there are many elements that embed themselves into the memory.  There's a reset hole at the back and you will need a paper clip.  Press and hold the reset button for 15 long seconds and release.  It can take up to an hour for all the lights to go solid green again.  * 99 talk is a test to see if your Sprint phone is actually using the Airave's coverage, after you get all solid green lights.  Feel free to private message me as well and I can work with you one on one.  I will need your name and a Sprint phone number that's on your account. 


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