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Problem with Airave

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Problem with Airave

I have a Airave do to the lack of service in my apartment.  I have had a few problem with it and am having getting help so I though I would try something new. 

the 2 problems I have is

1. Drop calls.  (when I walk outside the house to far and my phone is requiered to switch to another tower the call always drops)

2.  I get no call waiting notification when on the phone. You can see the person calling in if your looking at the screen but how often do you stair at your screen while talking on the phone.   (sprint tells me its my hand set but it only happens while I am connected to the Airave and it happens to all 3 of my phones.)

any help with these problems would be great. 


Problem with Airave

Hello otterdog33,

Please let me know if this issue has been resolved, or if the problem is still being experienced. I would be happy to assist you!


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