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Really, REALLY sick of my service


Really, REALLY sick of my service

At what point does Sprint just feel sorry for someone and let them out of contract?

When I originally signed up with Sprint I got service in my home.  Some time in the last year or so I started getting none.  I called to complain about it and they offered me a free Airave.  The thing works great for calls, but now I can't text reliably.

From day one it spams anyone I text with multiple texts.....that's sort of embarrassing, especially when I'm dealing with a professional contact.

Recently it has decided it will hold all my texts for me for a while and send them whenever it sees fit.  I won't get any texts for a long time, then all of the sudden all of the backed up ones come through.  This happens a lot if I leave my home and the range of my Airave.  I've reset the thing countless times.  It doesn't help.

Right now I'm forcing myself to roam so I can get texts.  If I need to make a call I connect back to the Airave.  This is getting ridiculous. I've tried everything and shelled out money hand over fist to try any make it work.  One of your associates recommended the iPhone because it has a better antenna or something and it doesn't work.  Another recommended the HTC EVO 4G LTE because it has some HD voice thing.....yeah, that's not even available in my area.  I guess I deserved that for taking them at their word.  I've been around long enough to know better, but I let my guard down.

Just let me go.  I want out.  It's not working and it's no fault of my own.  I'm begging.


I have the exact same issue with my Galaxy S III, this airave has been crap for years and Sprint does nothing or can't.

I have 4 phones with sprint and have been with them for over 10 years, but will be migrating slowly but surely to verizon.

It will cost more but as least I will have 4G LTE in my house!! I barely get 3G now and I'm constatly roaming. Airave going back, I need

reliable text.


When I got Sprint, I thought, "Unlimited Data, texting, and calls to any mobile numbers?"  It was a no-brainer.  We share minutes, but never use them all, because we always call mobile phones, rarely landlines.  Only problem was: no service.  My phone doesn't work at work unless I'm outside, and barely works at home.  I have to pay extra for 4g service, but the nearest 4g access is 30 miles away.  Nobody from Sprint ever mentioned the Airave - I found out about that after almost two years of having almost no service at home.  Now, I get it, and it works OK, I guess - but there is some sort of problem with the Airave giving the wrong physical location that nobody seems to know how to fix (and that has apparently been message board fodder for over two years now).  I pay $180/month for 3 phones, which would be acceptable if I really got Unlimited everything that works (as advertised) and actual 4g service that I am paying for.  I am just going to hobble through the rest of this contract and start looking elsewhere - I think my family is already trained to use wifi whenever possible (because Sprint's data service is completely unreliable), so I don't think that it would actually cost any more to switch.  It might cost less.

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