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Setup instructions for Airave behind a router


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I have my Airwave set up plugged into my Netgear R7000 Router.  No special setup, no static IPs nothing.  It has been running fine for over 7 months (since the R7000 came out).  I will be sending the thing back to Sprint soon as I can upgrade the wife's phone from her Samsung S2 to something that features "wireless calling".  Spring may tell you it's free but you still pay taxes on the stupid thing.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I am not the most tech savvy of the respondents to this post. I had spotty service at best in and around my home and resorted to the airave device from sprint.  While anticipating the arrival of the airave I found this thread while doing my 'homework' in an attempt to know how to connect and use the device. A more experienced friend of mine suggested during our discussion that I use this approach:

modem -> switch -> (->),  -> airave -> sprint service,  (->) router -> home network

So far I have no complaints.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

Here is what I did to my Airave.  Under the tab Advanced -->LAN IP Setup I turned off the DHCP server and assigned the Airave LAN a static IP ( in the static IP range on my home LAN.  So now a cable plugged into the LAN port of the Airave and then into a switch port on my home router allows for me to bring up the Airave's setup page in a browser using the address

My home router DHCP server assigns IP addresses to devices in the range of 192.168.100 to  I then connected the WAN port on my Airave to another switch port on my home router and allowed the home router to DHCP assign an address to the WAN port of the Airave.  The IP address assigned to the Airave WAN port was 

I now have two cables running from the Airave to the switch on my home router, the first cable connects the LAN port of the Airave to my home router and the second cable connects the WAN port to my home router.  The Airave uses its WAN port to backhaul the calls and data to the network.  I use the LAN port to manage the Airave.  I can log into the Airave while it is in use by a client phone.

There is also a setting on the Airave under the tab Advanced-->QoS where the uplink maximum can be set.  The original setting was very low.  I gradually increased the setting testing the data transfer rate with each setting.  The data transfer rate increased as the setting increased.  I increased the maximum uplink to 1.5Mbs. Setting it any higher seemed to have no effect.  My in-the-home 3G data transfer rate improved greatly and when set to 3G only our phones consistently test at 1.1Mbs data transfer rate. However, increasing the uplink bandwidth seem to improve the quality of the voice calls carried by the Airave.  Of course, we use Wifi primarily when in the home, but sometimes forget to switch over to the Wifi for greater bandwith.  I don't yet have LTE coverage in my neighborhood.

Additionally, I have set the Airave to only accept the phones on our plan and no others by logging into the my account page on the Sprint website and changing the settings.  There is a page on the Sprint website where one can manage the Airave associated with one's account.  I think up to 10 phone numbers can be listed making the Airave only accept those ten phones.  I think the Airave is limited to three simultaneous calls and can camp 10 phones waiting for service.

Also, we now have Spark service in parts of my city.  Data transfer rates consistently test at 5 Mbs under Spark service.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I almost got it. Need a little advice on either staic or DHCP for WAN

1. I  connected to it through the lan port and local computer on the 192.168.17.x and changed its LAN IP address to what I desired.

2. I unchecked using the DHCP server (had to fill in an address anyway since it wouldnt save without doing so).

3. I got an IP address from my Windows DHCP server and used that IP for the airave, made a resrvation. Connected the WAN port to the switch.

3. I opened up on the firewall all the UDP ports needed.

4. Unplugged and when it booted all I go twas a solid green on the GPS (after many minutes)

I then put the WAN as a static IP, the same IP that is assigned to it dynamically and still I cant get internet access with it.

Any ideas?


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router


Here is my situation.  I have incoming Cat-5 connection, no modem, DSL, etc.  The connection is fiber with 1,000Mbps Download & Upload.  If I put the Airave 2.5 + (Mfg 09/2013) before the router, it cuts my internet traffic down to about 85 Mbps download & 0.2 to 0.7 Mbps upload.  I can't live with that.  If I can't make this thing work, it's going back & I'll have to find another carrier.  Sprint used to work great in this neighborhood, but hasn't been any good for sometime.  I have been with Sprint since 12/95.  I have a Netgear WNDR4500.  If that is a problem, please let me know soon. as I am scheduled for bypass surgery.


Hoping to make this work so I can stay with Sprint.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

FWIW, I finally got the Airave 2.5 to work behind the router. This solution arrived after months of using it in front of the router because I thought I could never get it set up again behind the router like I used to few years back. Yesterday, I attempted to use the Airave 2.5 behind my router. I called CSR and asked when was the last time my Airave pinged the sprint network - the technician said it was over 8 hours ago. I told him that I tried opening the appropriate UDP ports and doing a static IP for the WAN port on the Airave, etc. He then put me on hold for a few minutes. At the time, I thought - could there be any modems that Airave is simply not compatible with?

When the CSR came back, I asked the question and he said that there are 5 router brands that don't sit well with Airave (Zyxel, forgot the others). Then I thought: maybe my router is not supported. I was using a TP-Link dual-band (2.4 Ghz + 5 Ghz) wifi router currently with both bands active. Perhaps the TP-link brand is not supported?

Anyway, long story short, I have a single band (2.4 Ghz) TP-Link router that was sitting around the house so I tried it and behold, Airave now functions flawlessly behind my router again.

Maybe this can be added to a wiki for Airave users - possible incompatibility of Airave 2.5 with dual band routers?

Maybe TP-Link can investigate to see if there are default settings in their dual band routers that might cause the incompatibility?

Any thoughts/comments from folks using dual-band wifi routers successfully with Airave 2.5?


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I know your instructions were from a year ago, but they still work.  Pressed the reset for 15 sec then let it set unpluged for a few, now it is working like new again, and not messing up the Wi-Fi like it was before.  Thanks a bunch


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router


Things to consider;

What is your ISP (DSL, Cable, Wireless or Satellite)

If you are have DSL you will have to forward the ports to your router and then forward the ports from your router to airave device.

If you have questions if configuration contact me at jdayish @ Hotmail


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router


I am not a techno computer person so please bear with me. I have a behind the router set up because my router and modem are one unit (thank you Windstream..NOT).

I have just received my 3rd Airave 2.5 unit because the sprint techs cannot figure out why it won't work. I have a Windstream Sagemcom 1704 unit that is a modem/router.

The Airave WAN is plugged into the Windstream modem/router. Upon plugging in and/or reset, the Airave goes through its setup and all lights go green. Then in 2-5 minutes, the network light goes steady red, and the mobile light goes blinking red. Manual says to call tech support. I have spent about 24 hours with Windstream tech support (because Sprint techies say Windstream has to open a firewall port, or bridge something or ???) and equal amount of time with Sprint Techs. Nothing they tell me to do works. Now they want to send out another unit. This is particularly frustrating because I only have a cell phone that drops calls, doesn't work for a mile from my house, or in it, and the cell tower that is supposed to make it work DOES NOT WORK.

And so I thought maybe someone could provide some suggestions/instructions (remember I am not a techie). I have read the threads and am quite lost as to what to try and in what order. I know how to access the Airave commands thru connecting my PC to Airave thru LAN. I don't know how to find an IP address, or create one. I can access Windstream site to change the router/modem settings.

Would some one offer some ideas please? My next step is to take all of our phones + 2 airave units back to sprint store and pitch a loud fit in front of many customers so they will help me. -Smiley Happy.



Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I'm still having the issue where the Airave just flat out refuses to work behind my router, no matter what I do. It works totally fine in between my modem and router, but when it's hooked up that way, since all of the ports are permanently blocked in the Airave, I can barely do anything on my network despite having my router hooked up to LAN 1. Especially no Youtube.

More than likely they're going to offer me yet another replacement unit, which will be the third brand new Airave 2.5. I'm sure that one's going to fail as well, simply because all of the firewall rules are locked on the Airave. You can log into the Airave,, but can change very little. All ports are blocked and can't be changed. The schedule also can not be modified. Hell, I can't even set my timezone. It says I'm in Casablanca, and every time I apply the settings, they just reset back to the factory ones.

I don't get it. My older model Airave worked totally fine in between my modem and router. >,<;