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Setup instructions for Airave behind a router


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

For some reason I couldn't get mine to work either when assigned a static IP, DMZ, and port forwarding (Linksys WRT54G router). But when I turned off the DMZ and port forwarding and set the Airave back to receive a DHCP address from my router, it worked. Something to consider.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

FYI -- I cannot begin to express my utter dismay and frustration with Sprint at this point.  I have called them at least a dozen times - each time spending anywhere from 10 mins to 40 mins on hold listening to their inane jingle and recorded messages.  Each call connects to a different person who has to wade through my now quite lengthy problem-log, and they take me through the same idiot check-list of questions with some really bizarre twists like "make sure you're in sight of a cell tower".  Each call ends with a "we'll call you" and ridiculous platitudes about how sorry they are and how much they want to help me.

Most of the promised calls never come, or if they do call, I'm unable to get the call due to the poor reception at my home (the problem I’m trying to solve with the Airave), or since I do work for a living I miss calls since I can't always answer.  When Sprint people call and don't reach me I get the "you have 24 hrs to call this number" message.  So I call back and we go back around the cycle again… there is no end in sight.

So far I estimate that I have wasted at least 20 Hrs of my time on these calls meaning I have also wasted about 10 hrs of Sprint people's time.  This costs real money and raises real customer issues.  I initially thought it was good of Sprint to offer the Airave, but now I’m to the point where I will actively write online about this experience and refer EVERYONE I know away from Sprint.  I will wind up going to the local Sprint store to return the Airave and all my phones and I will simply DEMAND to cancel my contract due to lack of performance.  I'm sure I'm not the first or last to do so.  I'll go anywhere but with Sprint at this point.  This is a broken company.  They have no respect for their customers and they deserve to go bankrupt. 

I feel for the call center employees. It’s not their fault – they work and struggle under insane and ineffective policies and rules.  The MANAGEMENT is to blame – Customer Service should be FIRED en mass. 

We all hear complaint about govt agency bureaucracy.  I have had dealings with my local city, the IRS, and the infamous California DMV. They are all excellent service providers by comparison.  Sprint takes frustration and incompetence to a new level unmatched in my 50+ yrs of life experience.   Good riddance to them all.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

After reading some of these posts after I chipped in my 2 cents a year ago, it's becoming clear to me that my situation is a very vanilla setup: motorola cable modem - netgear router - airvana airave.

I'm seeing posts where people are using landline telephony substitute/combo routers: vonage, comcast, att . . .

. . . and of course everyone is doing net-enabled blu-ray, flatscreens, ps3, xbox, etc . .

My humble suggestion is to seriously let a vanilla wifi router (pick your brand) be the point of demarcation after your modem (no combo modem/router сгар) from your service provider and let dhcp do its job.

Unfortunately I travel between two homes in sprint service shadows and I have to bring my silly airvana with me.

Let the unit power up and wait - in one house I have to use the external gps antenna - it takes a while.

Supposedly you're supposed to go to the Sprint website to update the zip code, but to be honest I never update it and it doesn't seem to matter in my case.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

Today I called Sprint one more time just to see what would happen – I must be getting into the habit of self-abuse.  The person who answered said they could not find my records… After weeks of calling this was not welcome news and I let him know that.  He suggested I start a new ticket… ha – like that was even a possibility.  I ranted in his ear for a bit – blood pressure rising steadily – and finally he connected me to somewhere in Airave support-land.  After only a few verses of that annoying jingle (I now hear it in my sleep) someone answered and we talked.  He found my records (yeah) and started poking around and lo-and-behold he found something was not setup on Sprint-side.  I don’t know the details, but he confirmed that something was incomplete or incorrect (doesn't matter which) and therefore my airave was never being “provisioned”.  Basically the Sprint system could see my airave but never did anything with it.  It was never enabled.  In a few minutes he did some magic at his end and asked me to reset my airave and withing 20 mins it was working.  Hallelujah.  My thanks go out to the gentleman that helped me.  You are a credit to your organization - in fact you should rule over the rest of them.

The lesson from all of this is that it appears that it’s always been a Sprint problem and nothing I did at my end (open ports, firewall, DMZ, etc) ever mattered one bit.  I was just wasting my time.  The real problem lay with the way my airave data was entered into the Sprint system (mac address, etc).  This was done incorrectly by a Sprint person and never detected by other Sprint people in spite of all the calls and time spent on this. 

So – my conclusion is that most Sprint people are clueless and their system simply passes you from one to another in hopes that you eventually find the one in about 20 people that are competent or trained to actually help you.  So if you have an Airave problem, the best solution is just to keep calling until you reach someone that seems to have a clue.  Sure it’s frustrating and you’ll hate your life and raise your stress level, but there is hope… after about 20 calls you may reach someone that actually does something and fixes your problem.  At least in my case there is a happy ending.  I can use my phone in my home now…  technology is wonderful. 


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I don't see the need for any of this. Plug the Airave behind the router, and go.

I tried these steps previously, and had continuous problems, and eventually stopped using the Airave. When I got a bill from Sprint for not returning the unit, I decided to give it a shot again. The biggest problem I had is the person from account service said as long as I started using the unit again, they would detect it, and the charged would be removed. What she didn't tell me is that they had deactivated the phone number, so no matter what I did, I could never get a mobile signal. Dreading calling customer service, I tried every combination of static leases, messsing with Wan and Lan settings, etc. Finally called tech support, was treated well, and the tech didn't assume I was an idiot, and knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish. He reactivated the unit, I reset the router, cleared the static ip I had set up on the router, did not unplug, power cycle, nothing, just pugged into the router from the WAN (actually, into a switch behind the router), 20 minutes, all lights fine, no problems since. The only unique settings were I left all of the previously mentioned ports open, and I don't know if it makes any difference, my modem is in bridge mode (for unrelated reasons), so my ISP gets the login info from my router.

As a previous poster has mentioned, all of this screwing around with IP addresses and static leases should be uneccesary. First, you're not using the Airave as a router, so the LAN settings should not matter. Second, as to the WAN settings, the Airave doesn't know if it's behind a modem, a router, or a water buffalo, so there's no reason for it not to get the info through the router, just as it would thorugh the modem. And as for assigning a static lease, as a practical matter, the lease assigned by the router to the airave is a permanent lease, if not in reality, in practice. I suppose assigning a static lease might be useful for QoS settings, but you can probably assign those with the MAC address of the Airave anyway.

I agree the Airave is not the most reliable electronic device, which is one reason I put it behind the router, but I suspect the majority of problems related to putting it behind the router are related to the myriad of firmware and settings on routers, not the Airave itself. For me, the biggest improvement I had with regards to the quality and relaibilty of all of my network connections was putting the modem in bridge mode; if simply resetting the Airave and plugging it in doesn't work, that would be the next step I recommend.

Sprint Employee

Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

Hello iubrian1987, It is necessary in some circumstances to assign a static IP address. Some routers are combined with the modem as one unit, many routers will only allow one to assign QoS, DMZ, or port forwarding to an IP address, not a MAC address. How has the airave been working since you’ve started using it again?


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

When setting up an Airave, putting it behind the router works just as well as having it before the router.

Unless you have a dual modem/router combo there is usually no issues or additional steps needed.

1. Make sure Airave is off.

2. Connect ethernet from WAN in Airave to LAN/ETHERNET/#'d port in router.

3. Turn on Airave.

4. If broadband light comes on within the first 5 mins then you are good to go for the broadband connection.

Do not log into your Airave's interface unless you are trying to create a static IP for it.

If you make changes to the Airave UI, a hard reset clears any changes. Powercycle instead.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

Thank you for your input.  Keep in mind that although many Airave owners use the reversed style of hookup, we still prefer the Airave be connected directly to the modem.  This is primarily due to the Airave having to compete with a customer's wifi traffic when hooked into the router.  When the Airave is connected before the router as in modem/airave/router, the Airave gets the most consistent flow of data and is less prone to failures.

Tom Deaver

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Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

So I have been using the Airave successfully behind my router for the past year and then we recently got the Time Capsule for our computer which also has a built in router. So we got rid of the old router and now I am having a ton of issues especially with the Airave. I can't seem to get it to work behind the router, in front of the router, I've reset the Airave, still nothing. I've read the threads on how to reset the IP address on the Airave and doing all those other things, however, I am not very skilled with these things and am looking to see if anyone else is using the Time Capsule as their router and how they are able to get the Airave to work.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I used an Airave behind my routerfor over a year, never had an issue.  Recently however I have noticed the airave acting up.  All lights on the airave are solid green meaning airave should be working, however, when I look at my phone it clearly is not by the 0-1 bar signal.  Dialing *99 confirms, airave is not up.  Pull up my router LAN listing and airave does not show up.  So for me everything appears to be working as indicated by the 3 solid green lights, but its almost like the airave gets dropped by the router. 

I've called airave support, fixed for a week, then same thing happens.  Today I tried these steps, just got flashing amber mobile light.  Gave up, did a factory reset, now everything is working okay so far.  Called Sprint again, they are sending out a new airave.

We shall see.  Keeping my fingers crossed that network vision begins in ly area this winter like it has been rumored.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

It was really easy to set up the Airave 2.5 after I stopped listening to all the recommendations.

After I finally got it reset, the only changes I made were to my router.

First I setup a static lease address for the Airave in my router’s DHCP server using the Airaves MAC address.

Then I setup UDP ports 5060 and 5061 to be forwarded to the Airave, plugged it in and it was working in about 5 minutes.

Piece of cake.


Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

I wonder if using this setup I can put my airave between my router and a b*tchy switch I have in the other room. Will it still pass through with the lan port, which is all I need? I constantly have to reboot that switch to make a call now, having it just plugged in downstream of that switch with it's default factory settings.

Edit It sure would be nice if this sprint community had "search this thread".

What about the blocked ICMP messages from my airave IP address on my router?

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