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Someone in my neighborhood has an Airave but don't know who. Causing problems on my end.


Someone in my neighborhood has an Airave but don't know who. Causing problems on my end.

Hi all,

Just a bit of info of my situation.

Couple of weeks ago I kept hearing 3 beeps when I would make or receive a call.  Did some research and found that my phone and my wife's phone (both Iphone 4) were connecting to a neighbors Airave (#99).

The problem is I work from home, in my garage and it must be on the out reach of the Airave.  It connects and the reception is NO good.  It drops the calls and calls do not come in.  This is a problem for me since my cell is my main business number.  I keep having to go down the street to get out of the Airave reach.  Not good for business.

I called Airave support and they said that I need to find out who has the Airave and tell them to bring the signal down.  I explained that the neighborhood where I live there are smaller homes.  I have 8 homes that surround me.

I asked then if I can get an Airave for my location but the rep explained that Airave does not work with AT&T UVerse. 

I also asked if I can stop my phone from it connecting to it.  They said not at this time.  They said there is nothing they can do.

Why does this now become my problem!

They recommended to go ask my neighbors one by one to see who has it and tell them to turn it down.

Honestly?  Really?

Can you imagine, knock, knock.  Hi neighbor, just wondering if you have an Airave?  Yes I do.  Can you please turn it down?  Um, ok, um, how do you do that?

This should not be my problem.  I'm about to drop Sprint.... Sorry for my rant, just frustrated!

There has to be a better solution for this!  Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Someone in my neighborhood has an Airave but don't know who. Causing problems on my end.

I apologize for contacting you with this matter, but I am running out of options, and am left to take desperate measures.

About two and one half weeks ago, while at my residence, my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE began connecting to an unknown neighbor's Airave, resulting in poor call quality and the loss of the ability to send and receive texts. My service was flawless before this device was being used, all I want is to have my phone ignore the signal the Airave is putting out and go back to whatever tower it WAS using beforehand.

As a solution, I was sent an Airave, but have since returned it because it affects my unlimited calling plan negatively, and has not improved my call quality or the ability to send and receive texts.

I have called Sprint tech support just about everyday, to get this resolved.  I have spoken with no less than 16 support people, and

my calls just keep getting handed off to another person.  In all, I have spent over 3 hours of my time on the phone with Sprint support.

Support technicians have tried to baffle me with techno-babble about Network Vision and tower upgrades, but that is all irrelevant to this matter because I am connecting to a Sprint femtocell in my immediate area, and not a Sprint cell site.

Today, 9/11/12...the rep (Erica, Ticket # I51271610) finally told me that I need to contact the neighbor with the Airave, and have them set up a white list. She refused to give me this directive in writing. This is not an acceptable solution. The onus is on Sprint to correct this issue, as Sprint issued the Airave which is causing interference to my phone.

Unfortunately, I will have to keep contacting Sprint personnel about this issue, as well as bring it to the public's attention in all manners possible.  This is the epitome of poor customer service.  If I can not get an acceptable resolution to this matter within another week, I will be forced to drop carriers, pay the early termination fee, and go with a competing provider.  A major hassle and disappointment, considering I have not had any other issues with service from Sprint until now.

All of this, after I went out on a limb and purchased a Sprint phone for a 4G network that isn't even finished yet.  I can't even get acceptable service on the existing network. 


Re: Someone in my neighborhood has an Airave but don't know who. Causing problems on my end.

Hi Tony,

I feel your pain brother!

I am currently working with Brian (SDBECKMAN), he is a Sprint Employee and also on this board.  Brian has been EXTREMELY helpful.

He was able to find the neighbor that has the AIRAVE, through there system, and was able to lower the power setting and added a "whitelist" to that same account (blocks my cell from connecting to that AIRAVE.

It has helped somewhat, but every once in a while, it still tries to connect to the neighbors AIRAVE (3 Beeps) then drops my calls.  When I try to call again or the person calls again, it is fine (No 3 Beeps).

But it still tries to connect every once in a while (drops my calls when it does)....

My reception is not to good im my home office, so I'm waiting for a response to see if my own AIRAVE would finally get everything back to normal.  As per Brian, an AIRAVE will work with my UVerse modem, unlike what I was told when I contacted AIRAVE customer service.

Hopefully Brian would chime in, he is a good guy and very helpful!  They need to PROMOTE HIM to "CHIEF - AIRAVE - CUSTOMER - SERVICE - HEAD - PERSON"!!!!

Tony, hope this helps somewhat!  Will let you know how my situation ends up.


Re: Someone in my neighborhood has an Airave but don't know who. Causing problems on my end.

2phsh: I am in the same situation as you. Sprint is not willing to help figure out who in my neighborhood has the Airrave so they can set it up to whitelist only the people on their own account. As a result, this person is acting as a tower for people nearby, unknowingly allowing them to use their bandwidth and causing us people on the fringe area around him to have horrible reception.

Is there ANY WAY you can get me in touch with Brian so he can help out over here?


Sprint Employee

Re: Someone in my neighborhood has an Airave but don't know who. Causing problems on my end.

D-J-D, I would like to help you, please send me a private message.

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