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Sprint Airave


Re: Sprint Airave

I've been calling them daily since I moved last week to an area with no voice service. Customer service has rebooted my phone and they are supposedly checking the tower in my area but the Airave people refuse to provide me with a free device....and I've been a Sprint customer for 12 years! It is very frustrating. My employer has a deal with Verizon and as much as I hate to switch, I don't see that I have a choice - which means the other family members will probably have to switch too. I am so disappointed, I always thought they were a first-class company.


Re: Sprint Airave

I just got off a VERY frustrating call with the Airave department.  The representative informed me that the free Airave is now only available for people with a family plan that has 4 lines on it.  This is ridiculous. 

Perhaps I should explain my situation. For whatever reason, over the last month or two, Sprint reception inside my house has become horrible.  Literally, almost every call drops.  People constantly have trouble hearing me.  It's awful.  The phone will display 3 bars for a split second, then zero bars, then something in between, endlessly.  I know it's not the phone itself, because I've got my old one sitting on my desk, and it shows the exact same behavior with the bars.  (I obviously can't make calls on the old one to test, since it's no longer active, but it still meters reception just fine.)  The only explanation is that something has changed with Sprint's signal.

"No problem," I thought. "Sprint will take care of me.  I'll just call them up, ask for an Airave, and I'll be all set."  Well, it turns out it's NOT "no problem".  Sprint's customer service level seems to have dropped just as sharply as its phone signal level.  The woman from the Arirave department told me the only way I could get an Airave would be to actually buy one.

There's no way I'm going to do that.  Frankly, I'd rather pay an early termination fee, just on principle, than continue to do business with a company that doesn't want to let me make calls from inside my own house without making me buy extra hardware.  If Sprint will do the right thing, and give me the Airave for free, just like they've always done for other people in the past, then they can keep me as a customer.  Otherwise, AT&T or Verizon will be happy to scoop me up, I'm sure.

The ONLY reason I've stuck with Sprint all these years is because I felt they seemed to care more about their customers than the other providers.  This has been despite the fact that they've been charging me for 4G service that they don't even offer anywhere within several hundred miles of my area, and the fact that their coverage around here is not as good as that of Verizon or AT&T.  I remained a loyal customer because I felt Sprint was good people.

I work from home, so I absolutely NEED my phone to be 100% reliable.  I haven't had a landline in years, and I certainly don't want one.  I don't think it's too much to ask that cell phone work properly inside my house.

Aron, I see you've been very responsive in this thread, so far.  Can you please provide some insight on whom I can talk to at Sprint in order to get the Airave sent to me for free?  Clearly, they're still doing it for other people.  Why not me?


Re: Sprint Airave

Don't pay for one if you have poor service they will send you one free, try calling 866 556-7310 for Airave support, folks at this number seem to be a bit more helpful  than the *2 support folks.  Good luck.


Re: Sprint Airave

Thanks for the suggestion, but that's the number I called.  The woman who answered that line was the one who said they'll only do it if you have 4 lines.

Incidentally, the reason I called that number was because the call dropped after the *2 lady tried to transfer me to Airave support.  She had given it to me just before she executed the transfer.  The call dropped about a minute later, while I was on hold.  So, I called the number, directly.

After refusing to help me, the Airave support lady tried to transfer me to sales, but again, the call dropped while I was on hold.  I have not yet tried to call back.


Re: Sprint Airave

Can someone please tellme how they were able to get a free Airave?!   I am SO frustratedSmiley Sad

I only have 1-2 bars outside my house, and 0-1 bars inside my house.  I basically haven't been able to hold a phone conversation inside my house since I moved - you either badly break up, or the call drops. I have been asking my local Sprint store and *2 periodically about this for nearly a year now.  I've been told things from "it's your phone"(we have 2 totally different models), to "tower maintenance", to "please be patient,we're building a new tower in your area very soon" (not true).  Well-I have been more than patient (as I am stuck in a contract), but it has never gotten better.  Not only have I had to stand outside in all types of weather to talk, recently I have even missed/dropped calls from my patients while on-call for work, and from my fiance while he is deployed to Afghanistan. I have reached my limit.

I just found out that my store isn't a corporate location so I went into one Friday and heard about the Airave for the first time! They confirmed the signal in my area is only "Fair", and is between two towers (both confirmed by customer service today) and told me I needed an Airave to solve the problem.  They assured me that because of the situation it would be free.  The first person I spoke to at customer service today was very friendly and understanding and told me the same thing-she said she just needed to get me to the right department to get it taken care of.  When I was transferred, I was then told it would cost $129.99 + fees and a new 2 year contract because my account "didnt qualify" for a free unit.  Unless I have been a customer long enough (it's been 13 years), my account is in good standing (they confirmed it is), have 4 lines or more, and a history of repeated dropped calls then I'd have to pay.  I only have 2 lines, and because I always text or go outside to make calls (i'm not stupid-I know I can't make one inside so why try) I don't have a big enough recent history of dropped calls.

I was then transferred to a supervisor who was incredibly blunt and basically told me she didn't understand what part I wasn't getting, but I needed to either buy an Airave at my own expense or switch carriers.   When I (forced myself to) calmly explain that I didn't feel it was fair to pay $115/mo to not be able to make calls in my own home, she then told me that if I'd taken the time to read my contract then I would know that Sprint does not guarantee coverage inside buildings.  I asked if there was a higher supervisor I could speak to and was told no, and it wouldn't make a difference anyway - instead she offered to transfer me to an account rep to cancel my service if I didn't want to pay for the Airave. I asked why other Sprint employees would tell me it was free and she stated she didn't know, but they aren't even supposed to mention that so she was going to see who I had talked to in order to make sure she was reprimanded.

By this point I had been on the phone (outside in my driveway, of course!) for over an hour and was so frustrated I started crying and agreed to be transferred to an account rep to ask about fees for switching carriers. He informed me I could purchase my own Airave online to use for much cheaper, but now I see here that they may not be supported after Aug 1st. I can't really afford the Airave right now, but I can't afford the early termination fee or new phones to switch to a new carrier either. I don't know what to do now

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