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Sprint DOWN in My AREA for a few DAYS!


Sprint DOWN in My AREA for a few DAYS!

I was having problems with my Airvana or Airrave today and had been calling with that problem to resolve. I finally got to the point where they said they would replace my unit, but NOW I CAN'T get a hold of anyone to fix it! Called 3x to get transferred to the Airrave support and it just circles back to normal support team!

Also, I have a long distance call in the morning at 8am and don't have another phone!

Also, they say Sprint is down in my zip code, 30126 for the next FEW DAYS! Unbelievable! What do you do, what can I do, who can help? I rely on my cell for business calls!



Problems are not associated with my Sprint HTC Evo. It's the Sprint Network and Sprint Airrave that have issues. I surfed all over the website to ask online for them to take the last step in replacing my Airrave, but no such luck! HELP, JUST DO IT, MAIL IT OUT! I spend 3 hours on the phone with SPRINT and 5 hours totally trying to solve issues. My issues should have been documented. My Mobile light on airrave blinks amber.

I am a premier customer. help. anyone, someone, please.


Are you calling 866-556-7310 for Airave support?  There are some changes to support next week but that number went through with my test call. 

Just in case they didn't give your the ticket number 7330100  with the following ticket information...

At 2011/06/16 18:42:00 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the Atlanta / Athens : Atlanta Market: Single Cellsite (Intermittent service) AT25XC088 We estimate a time to repair to 06/25/2011


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