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Sprint airave


Sprint airave


I have what I think is the first airave (probably need a new one). Its been over 2 years now, as of several months ago it has been sending my texts several times, telling me that it was unable to send and will keep trying to send it until I restart my cell (such a hassle), I won't get every text sent to me (thank goodness for Google voice. Texts I don't get on my cell, I get them there.)

So now that I'm using my cell as a primary number I have to stay in my house to have any service whatsoever (regardless of what Sprint says, that there is service in my area. Verizon said the SAME THING!! COME HERE AND CHECK YOURSELF) I need service outside the 30 ft radius of the airave.

So my basic question would be:

What can I do (or get from Sprint) to get reception at least where I usual am in my lot. (its a 3/4 anchor lot). Having multiple airaves in different locations is not possible due to location of modem (if that’s an option) The only other carrier that has reception everywhere in my yard would be T-Mobile (I know that for a fact and sprint doesn’t roam in my yard, I tried everything)

OR can I get out of my contract with no ETF if there isn’t anything I can (or Sprint) do to get the reception I need.

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