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Support for Airave? What does "Tier 3" escalation mean?


Support for Airave? What does "Tier 3" escalation mean?

I was just hung up on--accidentally, I presume, since I was on hold at the time--after being on hold for most of a 46 minute support call. My 4th or 5th in the past week about the Airave alone.

I no longer see the Airave active on my account, yet it sits, a blinking paperweight that a tech from "Tier 3 escalation" was supposed to reset remotely 2 days ago after a very nice gentleman talked me through setting the connection between my 2Wire (ATT modem/router) and the Airave. He suspected it did not take because the Airave was not able to get an initial connection, and therefore sent my account to a "Tier 3" tech.

I was supposed to hear back within 48 hours. I called after the 48, and was told to wait another 24. I waited another 48, and was just hung up on.

Can someone please help?

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Re: Support for Airave? What does "Tier 3" escalation mean?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I work with  Mobile Broadband Support Group which  provides technical support for Airave and Femto cell devices. I would suggest you to call Mobile Broadband Support  to troubleshoot   2Wire (ATT modem/router) and the Airave issue. We've solution for the issue that you've mentioned. Probably may take 15-20 minutes to fix the issue. All we have to do is to   get ip address/dns server address, subnet mask info from your PC, reserve ip address and then enter ip address/dns server address, subnet mask info   in the Airave home page address. When you call Care ask for Mobile Broadband Support for further troubleshooting(2Wire (ATT modem/router) and the Airave).



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