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Trouble with Airave? Try this...


Trouble with Airave? Try this...

So I got an Airave about a month ago & you may have seen my original post about it blocking all incoming calls, well I've now gotten it to finally least I think so. 

I can tell you this.  This is a product that was rushed to market by Sprint.  When I called in initially, I knew more about the device than Sprint's Airave support group.  Some of the reps I spoke with weren't even aware of this new product & continued to try & tell me how to set it up correctly using the prior Samsung device's settings.  That being said, it is appears there are some major issues with this product & I have a feeling Sprint will re-write their setup guide as they learn that using this device as your gateway does not work or works, but as my other post stated, intermittently.  Well enough about Sprints faults, here's how top get it to work....

You must connect the device off of a LAN port from your router or modem, if it has LAN ports built in.  So connection will look like MODEM --> ROUTER --> AIRAVE or MODEM --> LAN PORT ON MODEM --> AIRAVE.  You will not use the routing capabilities of the Airave, they suck.  It is not a router, it is a femtocell with a crappy router built in. 

First thing you will need to do is plug the WAN port of your modem to the WAN port on the Airave.  Wait, didn't I just say not to?  This is temporary.  We need access to it's management page prior to truly putting it on the network.  So connect a PC or laptop to LAN port 1 on the Airave & the WAN port to your modem.  You will want both completely powered off while connecting them, then plug your modem in first, wait for it to power up & then once its completely started, plug in the Airave.  Now the waiting.  Did I mention this thing sucks as a router?  Well yeah, it's going to take at least 10 minutes to "initialize".  Once you have all the light illuminated, turn on the PC or laptop connected to the Airave.  Now you will need to pull up a browser & navigate to "".  I believe initial login & password are both "admin", so enter those to access the console.  Ok, now navigate to the "Advanced" tab.  You will need to turn off the option for "Use as DHCP server", as we do not want this thing setting up our IP's on our network.  We will also change the IP address of the Airave from the "" to something on your IP range for your network.  I changed mine to "", as my router's IP is "", so makes configuration easy.  You may need to change the DHCP range from "" through "", I did just to be safe, so get rid of the 17 in each address & change to 1, even though we are not allowing the Airave to assign DHCP.  Ok, once all is changed, click apply.  It may give you some message about needing to release the PC IP address, but just click OK.

Ok, so now it's ready to put in our network properly.  Unplug the Airave & modem & now plug them in as I stated above.  MODEM -->  ROUTER  --> AIRAVE.  Again plug in the modem first, wait for it to power up, then plug in the router.  Now back on the PC or laptop that is now connected to the router(not the Airave anymore) open a browser & navigate to the admin page for your router(mine's  We need to ensure that DHCP is turned on(it should be by default) & we need to reserve the IP address we setup above(I used on the router, so the Airave is not constantly bouncing from IP to IP.  We want it to stay at whatever you chose).  So make sure you find the MAC address(it's on the bottom of the Airave) & that your router will allocate the IP we selected for it.  Once that is complete, we now want to put the Airave on your DMZ.  The Airave uses at least 4 "wacky" ports to communicate, if not more, so easier than opening all the ports up, let's just keep it wide open by putting it on the DMZ.  Once you have the IP you selected for the Airave put on DMZ, you can now plug in the Airave.

If all goes well(& if I didnt leave anything out ) you should be up & running in 10-20 mins.  This is how I've gotten mine to work so far & hope it will continue to. 

Hope this was helpful & feel free to PM me if you get stuck!  Good luck(you'll need it with this device)! 


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

I am truly dissapointed.

My Airave has not been consistent since I got it less than a month ago.

Everyother day it seems to be something else is not working right.

Now I read here that i need to be a computer tech to get his thing to work.

Last night all lights are green, full bars on our phones,.... no ability to call or text in or out.

Having done nothing but gone to bed frustrated, its all back up and working this morning.

Is a Sprint employee going to post to this thread and tell us if this solution is going to correct our problems or will it be ignored like I see so many other post being ignored?


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

I myself have tried everything under the sun to get this thing to  work. I was so happy when Sprint got this that I switched from Verizon  and came back to Sprint The only reason I went to Verizon to begin with  is because when I moved into my house 5 years ago, I lost all signal on  my phones and had to make or receive calls from my driveway. I've been a  Sprint customer again for over a year and a half now and my airave has  only worked the first 3 months since getting it.

I am  going to try this solution once I get home but this is the seriously the  last straw. I need my phone to work at home otherwise I'm dead in the  water at night and I'm tired of feeling helpless. Not being able to  receive phone calls is NOT an option in my line of work.

OP: How long has your airave been working since you've come across this solution? Also, what's the best way to find out your router's admin page? I have an XP pro machine and its been a while since I've had to go into that.

Sprint Tech Support: I am serious, I need this thing to work and and be dependable. If I can't get my airave to turn on and be functional tonight using this solution AND last the entire rest of the week, Saturday I will have a verizon device in my hand. Rebooting the device DOES NOT work!!! It will function just long enough for airave support to say "thank you for choosing sprint have a nice day"

Edit: By the way, I also don't want to hear "do a speedtest" or "make sure your antenna is located properly" or "my house may be too big." A speedtest has already been done 3-5 times now and everytime it comes out MORE than enough for airave. My antenna is stuck inside a window. Your representatives have confirmed a perfect GPS signal the numerous times I have called. My house is 1200 sq ft. and my master bedroom where I sleep at night is across the hall where the airave is located. I cannot make or receive calls or text messages in the room sitting next to the airave, let alone my bedroom. The calls that do actually go or come through are so garbled, nobody can understand me and I can't understand them.

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Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

Hello, I read your post and I have been busy trying to get this Airave to work in conjunction with my D-Link DGL-4300 for a week now.  Sprint tech support seems only interested in hard resetting all of my devices over and over.

I have had all of my items working in conjunction for one evening, then it was back to no wireless then no internet unless I power cycled the Airave.  This was while having everythign running through the Airave.

I discovered your post this evening and have followed all of your instructions pretty much to the T, except my IP addresses are slightly different.

I now have wireless in the house, my hardwired pc has internet access also.  But, the wireless network reset itself (not really a big deal) and the Airave, which is currently connected to my wirelss router via Lan and nothing more is back to it's original state of solid green GPS and flashing broadband and mobile.  Mobile will eventually turn flashing amber.  So obviously the Airave isnt doing it's thing.

I am currently on my second power cycling but so far the lights are still blinking.

I am running all of this through a Motorola Surfboard cable modem.

Any ideas from what I have told you thus far?  With this thing it seems to be either one thing or another, sacrifice internet and wireless for excellent phone service or vice versa.



Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

Tried this solution last night and received service all night long until I went to bed at 11:30. Woke at 5:30 and checked airave. All lights steady, dialed 99 and was showing connected to airave service. Called my security company and everything was so garbled I couldn't understand the recording.

Sorry Sprint. I'm sick of this.

I'm ordering my droid x as I write this.


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

I am at the identical status as Brad.

When I called Airave service two days ago she said they had airave outage and they are working now to fix it ... she said "they" didn't give her ETA to fix the problem.  At this point I see no point of calling Sprint for help.  For my initial setup, I had modem-> airave -> router it worked fine.  But I felt there were too much bandwidth hog for some reason and for better management I wanted to put it behind the router.  When I explain this to Sprint representative, " I want to put Airave behind the router", her response was "You want to probably put the Airave at least 10 feet apart because the router and Airave might interfere each other's signal..."  I thought she was joking at first.  Should I try to call Sprint hoping to talk to someone knows that he/she is talking about?


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

I have had the Airave device for over a week now and with the help of at least 7 Sprint Advanced Airave Tech's  over a 4 day period it is still not working, so needless to say I do not get a signal in my home, usually roaming, or dropped calls and not getting incoming calls or txts,,,,Unfortunately I dont feel sprint cares to keep me as a customer because after 7 or 8 years with them, they are not doing anything to keep my business,  I used to get service fine in my home but lately its a no go for me using my cell phone at home......The Airave is going back in the box to sprint on Mon...and If I am able to get out of my contract I am going over to verizon.


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

Thanks cwickstyle for those very detailed directions.  Up until now, I had not idea that I could even get into the Airave to change the IP settings or to see what's going on.

Your directions are very complete, however toward the end there is one point of confusion.  It appears you are setting the LAN static IP address to the same as your network, however you don't mention if you end up plugging the Airave into your existing router via the WAN or the LAN port.  I'm guessing that you used the WAN, however this port will also get on the same subnet as your Airave LAN port.  (It would be like setting the same subnet for both sides of a router).

After hooking up the WAN to my router/switch with DMZ enabled for the Airave IP address, the Braodband light does go solid, and gps as well, however the mobile light just blinks forever.  My bandwidth tests here show plenty of bandwidth 8000/1800 kbps and 40ms pings to, so I'm guessing it is somehow the modem's fault at this point.

I'll try calling the Sprint service line to see what they have to say again.


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

Thanks man!!  Awesome post...this seems to have worked perfectly for my setup.  This is the way Sprint should have given instructions in the Airave Access Point's manual.  But then again, I don't really expect the "average joe" PC user to be able to get this setup working properly all by themselves even with these instructions...LoL  And that really sucks because this device has the potential of helping A LOT of people with weak signal coverage in their houses.  I really wish Sprint could have produced a device that worked like the original Airave!  I previously had the Samsung Airave for a little over a year before calling up Sprint and having them send me this new 3G Airave Access Point.  The Samsung was a simple setup with only 1 LAN (ethernet) port on the back.  This was a no-brainer!  Just plug it into your router, just like you would with any other ethernet equipped problem!  However, now they've really complicated things for the average user with the new Airave Access Point which is essentially a wired router with a femtocell built in.  I can kind of see why Sprint would think this was a great idea.  With this new Airave the customer isn't forced to go out and purchase their own router (even though 99.9999% of people have one by now) AND Sprint is able to implement their own preconfigured Quality of Service (QoS), this way other network traffic won't interfere with your call quality.  I'm sure they figured they were making things easier for us and that they could potentially avoid a ton of customer service calls, but the exact opposite has happpened.  I would say that the MAJORITY of users who have gone out and spent a decent amount of money on a new Wireless "N" router want it to be their primary network device so they can use all the great features they possess.  Who the hell would want their Dual Band Wireless N gigabit router basically daisy chained off of this inferior "no name" router!?  I know I don't.

Hey SPRINT, here is the solution to this whole mess...are you listening??

You should send out these new Airave Access Points with preconfigured settings to just have their WAN port plugged directly into the customer's router's LAN port.  SIMPLE!!!  You can even place a nice yellow sticker over the Airave's two LAN ports so the customer isn't confused about which stupid ethernet port to plug into.  Then in the instruction manual clearly state which UDP ports on your router need to be open for the Airave to operate properly OR tell the customer to add the Airave's IP address to the router's DMZ.

And now for the best part!  For those customer's that actually WANT to use their Airave as a router (because they don't have their own router, or only have one PC in the house and never needed one) make it so that all they have to do is press that little RESET button on the back, and the Airave can default to the settings that they are currently shipping with now, which would make the Airave act as a router.  I believe this would make a lot of people happy and would save Sprint from having to answer A LOT of customer service phone calls.

Anywayz...enough with my rant...LoL  I'd just like to thank cwickstylz again for posting these helpful instructions!!!  I just hope other people are able to find them!


Re: Trouble with Airave? Try this...

To OP...

Although I don't doubt the experience you found....disable DHCP will have no effect on your network because you have nothing plugged into the LAN side of the airave......

Kind of like plugs in your house...they can provide electricity but if nothing is plugged into them it does no harm...

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