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Unable to receive Calls or SMS away from home


Unable to receive Calls or SMS away from home

I have seen a few discussions about this, but neither the posts or Sprint Support, not Airave support have been able to resolve the issue.

Sprint store first replaced my phone, and it worked for a day, then it has not worked since. At first it was just my phone and it slowly worked into both my wifes and my sons phone. Now all of us are having trouble getting phone calls and texts outside of our home. We can call and send SMS messages fine, we just cannot receive them. We can surf the web and even get facebook updates and even messages, but no one can call me ot text me. However when I get home, I receive all my text messages sometime up to the same message 8-10 times over a 24 hour period.

I have reformatted my new phone, Reset the PRL, done all the updates... nothing works. Its been over a month sprint has been no help at all. I have been hung up on, talked down to like this is not happening... Airrave sent out the 2.5 to replace my old Airave with no avail... so we are at our wits end. We were told last Friday after on the phone for 3 hours that we would not have to pay this months bill since we have not received the service we have paid for. Been promised a call from certain techs in both sprint and Airave support to no avail. I am tired of being told one thing and I am still sitting here with a computer and not phone in hand.

I have tried resetting the old and hte new Airave... anyone have any suggestions? Otherwise we are going to drop our contract with Sprint and find a carrier that can support our needs. My WIfe is a sick woman and needs to notify me when something comes up and she just cannot call me at at moment. I think Sprint thinks this a ploy, but its not and we keep getting the run around... No one else that has sprint around me is having this issue so I just don't know what to do or who to turn to, since sprint has not fulfilled their obligations to support the service they are unable to provide.

Anyone with any other suggestions?


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