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Weak coverage with Airave


Weak coverage with Airave

Our Airave is located in our dining room, which attaches to the living room.  If I'm in those two rooms awesome coverage.  I go to sit on my back porch (25 ft away from airave) and almost no signal at all. 

I have already called Airave support for other issues and our Airave finally locks in to a signal and all lights are green, but unless you're within 10-15 feet of it signal strength weakens greatly.  Plus I also notice using 3g is painfully slow even within the short distance from the airave.  I'm already dealing with no 4g in my area you'd think Sprint could give me a good 3g signal

On another note, it would be great if Sprint would have a quick note in a thread that there are known outages for the Airave...something we're experiencing at the moment...unless it was fixed.  Haven't plugged in the Airave to check as we couldn't even make calls with it plugged in. 


Hello and thank you for reporting these issues in the Communities. 

  1. I can confirm that we are seeing an "outbound" dialing problem while inside the Airave's coverage.  We are currently tracking these issues to be forwarded to our Network Engineers.  Inbound calls seem to be unaffected as well as texts, however,
  2. There is a known issue where Airave customers may experience trouble sending/receiving and/or duplicate text messages while inside Airave's coverage.  Customers can pull power on the Airave and reboot to sometimes temporarily restore texting functionality.  A maintenance release is slated for sometime this quarter, 4Q 2012, to correct this issue. 
  3. We can increase the range in most cases.   Since you've already called Airave Support, if you'd like to private message by clicking on my avatar, I can check your Airave's range and let you know by what percentage we are able to increase it. 
  4. Speedtest your internet.  What's your download/upload speed on both your computer and your Sprint phone.  The Airave should provide 1.5Mbps down to a Sprint cell phone which is adequate to run most data applications including streaming content.  Since your Airave is "unplugged," it would be an ideal time to run a speedtest on your home internet service.  You can google "speedtest" to find many sites that can test this for you. 

Thanks again for choosing Sprint,

Let me know,

Tom Deaver

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Thanks Tom.  I sent a PM to you. 

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