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Zero to No Signal. Airave 2.5 defective (?). Now what?


Zero to No Signal. Airave 2.5 defective (?). Now what?

I received my 2.5 and hooked it up.  All four lights flashed amber for hours until it apparently shut itself off.  Call the Airave support number. First, I was told it was not activated and waited while tech did that.  Reset everything. Still flashing amber.  Tech asked whether plugged into power strip or wall, so I plugged it into the wall.  Ultimately, tech decided that the power cord must be defective and would send me a replacement.  (If power cord was defective, would I be getting flashing lights at all?)  Received new power cord yesterday.  Same results.  Called Airave support again.  Tech says that all four lights flashing amber indicates that unit is defective.  Now I'm at the bottom of the backorder list.

Today, I read in these discussions that even the 2.5 has been having connectivity issues for several weeks.  I also learned that the decommission date for Airave 1.0 has been postponed.  So, here are my questions:

1. Is it possible that my 2.5 isn't really defective but won't work because of whatever the ongoing issues are?

2. Until I get my backordered replacement 2.5, can I re-activate my 1.0 so that the two Sprint users in residence can get a signal as well as send and receive text messages?

Vent:  my neighborhood (77586, Todville and El Jardin)  is weak for all cell phone providers. If there were a provider with a reliable signal, I would have switched long ago.  Hence, the reason for the Airave in the first place.  If Sprint would put up another tower in the area, they could make a killing getting the several hundred residents in my neighborhood to switch!

Did I mention that I've been a Sprint customer since 1999? At that time, I changed from GTEMobilnet (I don't know who they became) because I was unhappy with their customer service.  I have always been satisfied with Sprint and recommended Sprint to others.  I'm not so happy right now!


Ouch, that's a tough situation to be in.  I see you've already posted on the announced decommissioning thread at AIRAVE 1.0 Decommission - What you need to know (UPDATED)I believe you'll still be able to use the Airave 1.0 until October 1st of this year but would confirm with the Airave team as they can activate if possible on their end.  As for the device you received deemed as defective, it's really hard to say without diagnosing it hands on.  I've checked your area in Seabrook and Todville & El Jardin is within tower coverage, it may be that the building layout you're in may not pick up the signal.  The servicing tower located near Port Rd & Bayport Blvd hasn't gone through any Network Vision upgrades yet, but has scheduled upgrades within the next 90 days, service may improve then.  We're also planning to use the 800 MHz spectrum we previously used with iDEN Nextel towards our CDMA Sprint service.  800 MHz has better in-building penetration, however these upgrades won't be completed until the other Network Vision upgrades are done.


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