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airave keeps dropping signal


airave keeps dropping signal

I just got my airave today and immediately had full service.  I had 2 dropped calls in a row so I started watching what was going on.

My cell phone switches from 1x and full signal too EVDO and no signal every couple of minutes.  Any help would be appreciated



Re: airave keeps dropping signal

This happens to me too and it's so annoying because it causes my battery to drain down to empty in no time!  It doesn't matter if I'm right up next to the AirRave in can never hold a constant signal!  It's bad enough that I have to buy a separate device and pay for a separate service just so I can make phone calls at home (No Sprint service anywhere in my mountaintop neighborhood) but even the extra money hasn't gotten me 100% service!  I drop calls and calls go straight to voicemail all the time.


Re: airave keeps dropping signal

This reply is for both of you:

In theory a Sprint phone can be connected to a 1xRTT Airave and use a "normal" Sprint tower/antenna for EVDO. But it is all up to the phone which signal it chooses for data, depending on signal strength. If it detects even a hint of a weak EVDO signal it will try to use that for data before 1xRTT.

If you can get into your programming menus, you could set the phone to use 1xRTT only and this would prevent the issue (most Sprint phones allow this). I was able to edit the Windows Mobile registry to enable a menu in the Phone settings of my HTC Mogul that easily allows me to switch between 3 settings. (1= hybrid, 2= EVDO only, 3= 1xRTT only)

Note: Never set it is EVDO only, otherwise you will miss phone calls, as this is always on 1xRTT. But see my note below for how your phone works while on 1xRTT data.

You don't tell us what phone you are using, nor if you use data applications that are working in the background. On my HTC Mogul, there is an option to disconnect from an EVDO data session. I am wondering if you are using data and don't know it, or have something running that is using data and you don't realize the ramifications of using data with a potentially weak EVDO signal (as priority for data).

Basically what I think is happening, your phone is likely switching it's data connection between your Airave and an outside tower/antenna. When your phone is actively using 1xRTT for data, it will not be able to receive phone calls as an incoming phone call (since it is on 1xRTT) can not interrupt the data session on 1xRTT. If an active EVDO data session is in progress, you will get incoming phone calls as 1xRTT can interrupt an EVDO data session.

I can see how these Airaves without EVDO support are causing people issues. As you may have noticed a new 3G EVDO device is on it's way soon. AT&T is releasing their 3G version this month hopefully nationwide.

I hope this helps explain a few things. It may not give you the exact answers as to why your phones are doing what they are doing, but it should hopefully point you in the right direction.

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