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airave - setup


airave - setup

I almost got it. Need a little advice on either staic or DHCP for WAN

1. I connected to it through the lan port and local computer on the 192.168.17.x and changed its LAN IP address to what I desired.

2. I unchecked using the DHCP server (had to fill in an address anyway since it wouldnt save without doing so).

3. I got an IP address from my Windows DHCP server and used that IP for the airave, made a resrvation. Connected the WAN port to the switch.

3. I opened up on the firewall all the UDP ports needed.

4. Unplugged and when it booted all I go twas a solid green on the GPS (after many minutes)

I then put the WAN as a static IP, the same IP that is assigned to it dynamically and still I cant get internet access with it.

Any ideas?

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