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how does a airave work?


how does a airave work?

signal on my cell phones don't reach where i live.  i was told to look into a box for 100.00 bucks and pay 5.99 a month. does this box really works?  I might consider a different carrier.  any suggestion?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: how does a airave work?

The Airave is a mini-cell tower in your house.

Your phone sees the Airave just like a big standing cell tower and places and recieves calls through it.

The calls get encrypted and sent down your internet connection to Sprint, where we push them out on the public telephone network.

It works amazingly well - I have zero coverage in my basement without the Airave and 5 bars with it.

If you like the Sprint products, services and costs, the Airave is an excellent tool to improve your in-building coverage.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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