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How to change wallpaper on Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 tablet - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador



I received my Alcatel Onetouch Pixi the week of Thanksgiving and been using it ever since. One of the first things I always do is make it mine by adding my own Home wallpaper. I have always been a fan of Star Wars so I went with that seeing how I grew up on Star Wars from the 70's and a new movie coming out soon.


Not all devices settings are the same depending on the OEM so I wanted to take the time to show how easy it is to change the wallpaper on the Pixi 7. The hardest part sometimes is deciding what image to use. There are several default images to use although why not personalize it and use a image to make it yours. Alcatel made the Pixi 7 navigation very easy as seen in the screen shots provided below. One thing I download on all my devices is ES File Explorer because it helps me locate my downloads and screenshots faster.


Take a picture, save an image from the Web or create your own image through editing tools and save it on your Pixi 7. Once the picture has been saved go to Settings> Display> Gallery to see if the image is located in your Gallery and select it. I downloaded the Star Wars image from online site and it was saved to my download folder. This is where I used ES File Explorer to locate my picture under downloads since it was not in my Gallery. Generally I use a picture I have taken of my daughters playing as my wallpaper except this time I tried something different.

The Pixi 7 has been very handy to look things up online while on the go. Visit a Sprint store or shop for one on today.



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