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Alcatel Ride-Fi - Android Ride-Fi APP - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Alcatel Ride-Fi - Android Ride-Fi APP - Sprint Product Ambassador

Alcatel in an effort to stream line the ability to use and activate your Ride-Fi device has created a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google Playstore on to your Android phone or tablet. In the Playstore Search for the term Ride-Fi this should bring up the proper application to install. Alcatel has made other versions of this application to be used with other device while it is possible to download these applications and use them for setup they will not be able to take advantage of the features that application is made for. Please remember to only download the Ride-Fi application.

onetouch Ride-Fi - Android Apps on Google Play

Once installed prior to clicking on the application you must for make sure your Ride-Fi device is activated with Sprint if it is connect your Ride-Fi device to a power source and turn in it on. Obviously you can connect it to your cars lighter adapter or you can use a Male-to-Male USB cable and plug it into either a charger, PC, Etc... Once plugged in hold down the power button until the device is on. Once on you can now click on the Ride-Fi application Icon to begin the setup process.

When you click the icon at first it will search for connection to the Ride-Fi device if not connected the application will advise you to please connect to the mobile hotspot first click on the "Get Connected" button. This will bring you to your devices Wi-Fi section. Here you will see a list of Wi-Fi devices you can connect to. You will be looking for the one listed as AlcatelWifiA-xxxxx or SprintWifiA-xxxxx. Click on this name to connect to the hotspot. You will be asked for the devices password to connect. The initial Wi-Fi password will be listed on the back side of the device under the cover. It is listed next to the word "KEY". Once entered your device will now show connected to the hotspot. To continue on with the setup click you device back button and you will be brought back to the Ride-Fi application.

Your first step to accessing the devices setup screen is to enter the Admin Password. This password is found in your user manual that came with the device. The password should be just "password" all in lower case with no parenthesis. Once entered you will be brought to the quick setup section. Here you can change the name of the network to whatever you would like to call it. Either enter the new name and select next or click skip to keep it the same. Next you will be given the opportunity to now change the Wi-Fi password you used to initially connect to the device. Enter the new one and click next or click skip to keep the same. once complete you will be given a final page of what the new network name and password you set it up to be are. Please make note of them. Once ready click finish. The device will now power cycle to setup the new network name and you will be required now to reconnect to the device with the new name and password you just created. The application will go back to the first screen requested you to connect to the device. Simply click the "Get Connected" button again and follow the same steps above just now with your new info you created.

When connected go back to the application and you may need to re-enter the Admin password again.  When connected you will be presented with a Home screen which has some nice information. The home screen will give you a summary of what is happening with your device. It will show you how many users are connected. Which network you are connected to 4G/3G. How much time the device has been connected to the network with current data usage it has used at this current time of connectivity. At the top it will show connected to Sprint with a radial button which allows you to shut off network connectivity rather than just unplugging the device.

Now it is time to setup your device. You will want to go to the usage section and set that up. Click the usage icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you can setup your plan limits. Click the "set max data amount" here I would type in the number 10% below what my plan maximum is. This number will be used to help protect you from going over your allocated amount and be charged overage. Though the number entered is not 100% accurate that is why you will need to add in a buffer. Hence going at least 10% below your total amount should be fine but you can add more to be safe if you want to. Next you can enter the number that which you want to be warned before hitting your maximum amount of usage. This number I would do at least 25%. But you can make the selection based on your needs. Finally you can select whether to use the data while roaming. Please check to make sure your plan includes data roaming and how much can be used while roaming. You should not need to have this active as Sprint has been building its network coverage out. When done enter click the back button at the top. You will be on the usage page and your information will now be entered to show you a more accurate look of your use based on your plan. If you ever need to modify the usage simply click the three dots in the top right corner to access the usage settings or clear the history and reset the numbers to zero.

Next click on the settings cog wheel in the bottom right hand corner. Here is where we will make some additional changes to finally setup your device for use, you will have 5 sections to choose from WIFI, Account, Network, Device, and About. In the Wi-Fi section here is where you can change your network name and Wi-Fi password. The Account Section is where you will be given the option to change the administrator’s password to access the Ride-Fi device setup screen. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND CHANGING THIS. Change the name to something more secure than just password. You will use this to access the Ride-Fi application or even accessing the main Web Gui. The Network section allows you to choose the network you wish to connect to. I would just leave it as is, It is set to connect to any of the networks should you be in an area where 4G is not available you will still be able to connect to the 3G network. Under the Device section you can choose to look at system information (mac address, IP address, and current os version), upgrade system OS, Backup & Restore your current configuration setup, Access the Web version of the Ride-Fi device for further configuration or Restart the Ride-Fi. In the last "Device" section this will show you the devices connected to the Ride-FI, Here you can name each device connected or set up restrictions to block devices from connecting.

The last tab we haven't looked at is the notifications tab. Here is where you will get messages from your Ride-Fi device concerning any issues or even warning messages. Here is where you will see if you have reached your usage warning limit or reached your max limit set up on the device.

This application is a great way to monitor your usage on the device and make sure you are not going over the limits of your plan. Security is a big thing and if you only remember a few things from this blog it is to make sure you at least change administrator’s password to your device. You do not just want anyone to be able to access your devices setup and make changes without your say so. Keep an eye out for my next blog which dives into the Web Gui setup with additional modification to further secure and protect your network. As always drive safe and use the device accordingly.

The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee