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Alcatel Ride-Fi - Usage Management - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

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Hey again, everyone!


So you have your Acatel Ride-Fi Mobile Hotspot, and you’ve used it for streaming, gaming, email, Facebook and everything else you can think of.  But, do you know how much data you have used?  Well, let me help you keep track of your data usage on your Ride-Fi so that you can ensure you remain within your plan limits and prevent unnecessary overage charges!


The Ride-Fi data usage is easy to monitor, and you can monitor usage in at least three ways.  First, you can monitor usage on your account.  Second, you can monitor your usage through the Sprint Zone App on your device.  Finally, you can use the Alcatel Ride-Fi application as well!


Let’s look at how to monitor usage on First, navigate to and click the 'sign in' button to the left. Enter your username and password (or create an account) and it’ll take you to your landing page.



Once you’re in your account, you may need to scroll down slightly until you see the Alcatel Ride-Fi device.  Click ‘See All Usage’ and it will take you to the usage screen for that device.  From there, you can see your total usage against your data allotment. 





The other method you can use is the Sprint Zone application on your smartphone.  The Sprint Zone application comes pre-installed on all Android devices, with the exception of Nexus handsets.  You must manually install this application on iPhones, however.  You can download Sprint Zone via the App Store on your iPhone for no cost. 



Once you’ve set up or opened Sprint Zone, you’re taken to the landing page that displays your usage for your main line (or the phone you’re accessing Sprint Zone on).  If you’re signed into the account holder’s Sprint account, you can easily switch between devices on the account to monitor usage.  Simply click the ‘Details+’ button just above your usage.  This will allow you to select another device on the account, such as the Ride-Fi.  Once you’ve selected the Ride-Fi, you can easily see usage against your plan limit.




Finally, you can review usage and set usage alerts on the Alcatel Ride-Fi application!  Download the Ride-Fi application here. 



On your device, you’ll need to connect to your Ride-Fi first before opening the application.  Once you’ve connected and opened the application, you’ll see the landing page that displays the network type, the current data used for the session, the duration of that session, and the number of connected devices.



Clicking on the ‘Usage’ button at the bottom allows you to see your usage on the Ride-Fi during the established billing cycle (you can change the setting for your billing cycle date).  It displays your Home usage (this is normal 3G/LTE usage) and any roaming usage (if roaming connection has been allowed in settings).  It’ll show you the duration, but it’s only for this current session and not a combination of time for all sessions, which is a bummer.



Clicking on the three dots in the upper right allows you to access usage settings. Once you’ve clicked here, you can set the max data amount, when you choose to receive usage warnings, your cycle date and whether or not you want to allow roaming.  Please note that the ‘max data amount’ does not restrict data once you’ve reached this limit.  The limit is established by you and is only used for notifications against your limit. You can adjust the limit to any amount in MB or GB, and you can set a ‘Usage Warning’ when you are within XX MB or XX GB of your plan limit.  Once you approach the warning threshold that you’ve established, you will receive warnings in your notification tray to alert you of usage.


One thing to note here:  I believe I set my cycle date through the web-based admin portal at when connected to the Ride-Fi and not through the application. I do not believe the application allows this change, which is unfortunate. 




You now have three methods available to you to monitor and control you usage on your Alcatel Ride-Fi Mobile Hotspot!  Keeping track of your usage is important because it helps you limit any potential overages you might incur.  There are slight variances between and the Ride-Fi app, so please keep these in mind.  The data amounts listed in the Ride-Fi application are estimates and may vary from data.


I used my hotspot in my vehicle over the course of 12 hours of driving over Easter weekend.  My children streamed Netflix and played multiplayer games on their Nintendo 3DS devices, my wife utilized her Kindle tablet, and my device connected to it as well.  We also used it at our destination for a myriad of other data-related items.  Over the course of a weekend we utilized over 6 GB of data between four of us (3 Nintendo 3DS devices, 2 tablets, 2 laptops, and 2 phones).  Although it is not a significant amount of usage, it is still enough to eat up all data allowed in a plan, or even the majority of data in a plan.  Monitoring usage will keep you in the know about your data usage, and will allow you to reduce usage if necessary to remain within plan limits and prevent overages.



Interested in purchasing a Ride-Fi?  Head to your nearest Sprint store (locate one here) or go online to the Ride-Fi Product Page HERE




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As always, I thank you for reading!

~ Troy