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Manage the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi? through web browser or App - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

front-angled-right_landscap.pngThe ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi? is a nice portable LTE hotspot for your car or truck. I am able to connect upto 8 devices to my Ride-Fi and control who is connecting to it through a web browser or use ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi? app from Google Play Store.

I use the app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when I am in my truck running around town so that my wife is able to use her tablet and other devices. My girls are able connect their devices in the truck also to play games and watch videos. Main screen of the Ride-Fi provides general information from number of devices to how long it has been connected. In addition, the app allows me to to see how many devices are connected along with how much data is being consumed. Ride-Fi app provides the ability to set max data limits and data limit warning through the Usage> Settings option.... There are various other settings and options available through the app for when you are on the go that are very useful and handy.


ALCATEL ONETOUCH also provides a web browser GUI for managing Ride-Fi?. The web GUI is easy to use and less clicks compared to the app. I use the web GUI when I have the Ride-Fi? connected to my laptop with a USB cable (not provided). I found that using A to A (male to male) USB cable I am able to connect to my laptop and use my Ride-Fi? at home or the office. This is where the web browser GUI comes in handy to check my data usage from streaming music or movies from Google Play and Spotify on my tablet or other devices that requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Web 1.pngWeb 3.pngWeb 4.png

Both options used to manage Ride-Fi? are easy to use and very similar in looks. I do like using the browser option over the app mainly because I have a larger screen to view everything on through my laptop.

Check out the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi? to make your car a mobile hotspot!



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