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My Ride-Fi comes through in stormy weather - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


Living in rural Oklahoma has advantages and  disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is I am limited to DSL and basic TV services. When storms come our home internet and sometimes TV goes out due to the weather. That means I am not able to keep track on where the storm is heading and my little ones entertainment are limited during a storm that has them scared.

USB cable A Male.jpgLast week I found another use for my ALCATEL onetouch Ride-Fi? at home during stormy weather. Our internet went down for a couple of hours and TV was in and out. My daughters were getting scared and connected my Ride-Fi? to my laptop with the use of a-male to a-male USB cable. The cable and laptop provided the power I needed to use my Sprint ALCATEL onetouch Ride-Fi? hotspot.

The a-male to a-male usb cable does not come with the Ride-Fi? so I picked one up on Amazon so that I can use my hotspot at home when needed.

The ALCATEL onetouch Ride-Fi? allows up to 8 devices to be connected at once and I had 4 devices connected during the storm.

  • 2 phones - one for each of my daughters to watch their favorite videos during the storm
  • 1 for my wife's tablet for game she was playing
  • 1 phone for me to watch the weather on my news app....
    • Here are some screenshots of my HTC One A9 streaming news feed during the storm while connected to my Ride-Fi?


My note 5 had internet on it, although I was using my internet service on my active phone for streaming music....

Now that we are in storm season, I will be keeping my Ride-Fi? close by for the storms that are coming this weekend. I wish I had my Ride-Fi? during the winter when we lost power. I could have used it then also to keep up on the ice storm road conditions and other things going when my home internet provider was not available or TV.

Check out the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi? to make your car a mobile hotspot!



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