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Set usage warning and max data amount on ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi� - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


My data plan is limited and like to make sure I stay with in it. ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi™ app and web GUI both have ability to monitor data usage along with set max data allowed. I always set my limit with a buffer so I know to slow down my usage in case I get close to my data limit.

Web 3.png

Settings> Usage> Usage settings

I prefer adjusting my usage setting through the web portal as it is a lot easier. Usage settings are located under Settings tab and it is password protected. The drop provides option to select GB, KB or MB and then enter the data amount to limit. I use GB as it is easier and corresponds with data plan setup. There is an option to set day of the month your plan starts over. This is important setting for setting up data amount under Usage Settings. The day of the month your data plan starts over is the day to enter in this field.


Home>Usage>Usage Settings

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi™ app has an option to set usage settings on it during setup, although I have found it hard to adjust or change past the initial setup of the app. The app only allows GB and MB options to be selected through settings. The part I have had problems with adjusting through the app is the actual amount if there is already a number entered. The ALCATEL ONETOUCH Ride-Fi™ app does allow the ability to turn on the option to automatically connect even while roaming.

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