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Best Sprint-compatible phones? LTE Advanced, Carrier Aggregration, HPUE, etc.


Best Sprint-compatible phones? LTE Advanced, Carrier Aggregration, HPUE, etc.



I am changing over my entire family to Sprint because of their super cheap Unlimited Plus BYOD promo going on right now. I know that Sprint does not provide as good a signal as my current carrier, T-Mobile, and I want to make sure that I purchase Sprint phones for my family that provide the best signal quality. I am considering buying a mid-range/budget phone not only because I like good values, but because I need to buy new phones for my whole family since our current phones are made specifically for a GSM carrier (T-Mobile). With that said, if I can only be guaranteed the best signal/speed/quality with a more expensive phone that I will bite the bullet and do it. I am not opposed to buying new/refurbished phones.


After reading PCMag's article it appears that the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10e, iPhone XS Max, LG G8, LG V50, and Pixel 3 work the best on Sprint's network because they support carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO on band 41, Gigabit LTE and HPUE. On Sprint's website, they are recommending "LTE Advanced" capable phones, which sounds like the same thing as Gigabit LTE, and of course they're all expensive premium phones (see the LTE Advanced Capable logo below). The LTE Advanced phones advertised on Sprint's website are Samsung Galaxy S9/S10/Note 9 and LG V30+/V40/V50/G7/G8,. 

I am not tech-savy enough to read the specs of phones to understand which ones support the above technologies. For those who can, I was wondering if you can tell me if any mid-range/budget phones besides Samsung and LG contain/support the same advanced LTE technology as the expensive flagship phones to get the same fast speeds and best signal quality? I am not concerned about fancy cameras or high def displays--signal is the most important. 


Any of our devices we sell work the best on our network. I personally own a Note 9 currently, and it works great. My husband has a iPhone 8 Plus, and it work just the same as my Note 9. I would assume any device you choose should work just fine. 

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