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Love this phone so far


Love this phone so far

I just received my oneplus 7 pro 5g over this long labor day weekend and I was really surprised by this phone. I had heard of oneplus before but since I couldn't use their phones on the sprint network I didn't pay too much attention to them but this phone is a homerun. The screen is gorgeous. That 90 hertz refresh rate is a thing of beauty. I love the fact that the selfie camera retracts and doesn't take up any part of my screen. Face unlock is easy to setup with the selfie cam and works every time. The build quality on this phone is on pat with what HTC has done in the past. I came from an HTC u11 and I love that phone. This phone is huge though. It's not for everyone and it's not easy controlling it with one hand. I did get a little taste of 5G and I was very impressed. I downloaded a 3.4 gig movie in about 12 minutes which is lot better than when I'm on 4G. And then all this for 20 bucks a month! Last but not least is the oxygen os running on top of Android 9 pie. It is silly smooth and a joy to use. I never thought I would leave HTC because I love their UI but this phone has definitely converted me to oneplus. Screenshot_20190901-170036.jpg



We loved it too! We had a few folks who wrote reviews over in our Android Influence section that are worth checking out. We definitely encourage coming back and sharing any new features you learn about or experiences you have with the phone! We love to hear from folks who are happy and want to celebrate and show off their new devices!


"Hail Yourself!" - Ben Kissel


Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it 

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