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2 more tricks for the Blackberry KEYOne that I find myself using multiple times per day

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hi all,


Today I'm going to try to share a couple of 'gif's' with 2 fast and easy tips! 

Here's 2 simple things that are automatically enabled on the BBK1 that I find extremely useful.

Anyone remember the LG G3? There was a cool feature I used all the time where I could double tap my screen to see the time/date and other notifications.  After switching from that device to other's I found myself constantly tapping on the screen only to find they didn't operate the same way. It was habit.
Well, it's a nice habit and I'm glad to see that double tapping on the Blackberry KEYOne (BBK1) screen will bring it to life allowing me to look at the date/time and notifications.
For a short time I was disappointed that the BBK1 didn't have an always on display, but now that I can just lightly tap the screen I no longer have that concern.

So, double tap and the screen comes to life. Nice.



Well, double tap also has another cool function.
When in typing mode - as in an email or a text message, you can double tap the keyboard to get into a cursor mode. This allows you to swipe your finger left/right/up/down on the keyboard after double tapping to move the cursor similarly to how you would with a mouse. This is particularly good for getting perfect placement of the cursor to correct a typo or to add in additional text.
I've found myself using this with almost every email I've sent since discovering this feature.

That's all for now - bite sized pieces Smiley Wink.

There's more tomorrow though. I'm not done messing around with the BBK1. I REALLy do like this phone.




Want to know more about the Blackberry KEYone? Give me a shout! 


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