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A Use Case for Cases (Pun shamelessly intended)

Sprint Product Ambassador

Out of the many many phones I've ever owned, Samsung has always made the ones that I think have the best styling. From the Samsung Galaxy Note 4's leather like back, to the Samsung Galaxy S6's smooth glass back with metal accents, to the similarly inspired Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and now to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung knows how to make a looker.


My S8 is thin, feels premium, is smooth, and overall great looking. Add to that the beveled/curved edges, the massive screen, and the lack of bezels and this thing is a looker. So imagine my trepidation when I thought about putting a case on it...


Never-the-less, it only took me dropping it one time to make me realize that I needed a case on it. I ended up putting an Orchid Grey Spigen Slim Armor on it. (

At first, I was worried that the case would take an amazingly thin phone and make it un-pocketable but I was wrong. The case is thin enough that it barely added to the bulk of the phone, even though it added a kick stand (that I find myself using often.)

I've since dropped the phone a few times and have yet to break anything (hopefully it stays that way.) Ultimately, though, the protection the case gave me wasn't what really impacted me about this case. The S8 is an amazing phone. It really is. About the only thing that I can fault it on is that I didn't care too much for the position of its fingerprint scanner. It wasn't that I had a hard time reaching the fingerprint scanner but that it was hard to distinguish between the fingerprint scanner, camera, and heart rate sensor without taking a visual peek at the back of the phone. With the case on, however, your finger will always fall on the fingerprint scanner, automatically, because of how the fingerprint scanner, camera, and heart rate sensor part of the case is designed. It is absolutely brilliant. Then it dawned on me why not too many people were very vocal about the placement of the fingerprint scanner: Most people use cases on the phones making the placement a complete non-issue.