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A great Android Choice - LG Tribute Dynasty

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

 Nothing but Android for me when it comes to choosing my next mobile device. 

I often go directly to the Android section of the Sprint Phone Stores to see what's new in the space. It's not that I have anything against the other operating system, but that company with a "fruit" name is just, in my opinion, not worth the cost. 

I use my mobile device to take pictures, search the web, get directions, make travel plans, read TONS of emails, and occasionally, when bored, I scan the social media apps. But mostly, I make calls, yes, I still actually call people. 

I spend a great deal of time calling my family and friends during my commute to and from places. It is great to have a smartphone like the LG Tribute Dynasty to easily connect. 

A few pros of this device include but not limited to

 - the low cost with Sprint's lease program 

 - LTE Plus

 - 8MP Rear and 5MP Front cameras

 - the Iight weight 

 - the form and fit in the hand

 - and the ability to include a microSD card


These are all great things. Many users merely want to manage simply activities like me. If you too, are one that needs a device that can perform daily routines like calls, texts, pictures, and social media but don't want to spend a lot of money for a device that gives more than is necessary, this is the device to investigate. 

It is sad to see the tween and teen markets saturated with devices from one company just to keep up with the peers. The LG Tribute is a deivce that looks great, feels good and does what you need.

I would like to point out one minor nuance. It is so light it was easy for me to drop. Seriously, I am searching for a new case that creates a bit of heft so I can feel it in my hand and not drop as easily.

#MyFirstWorldProblem #Klumsy