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Amazing low-light performance - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

20170607_223438.jpgOver the past few weeks, I was able to really put the low-light camera performance to the test as we travelled through Western Europe. During our initial stop in Barcelona, we made a quick stop at “La Sagrada Familia” on the same evening that we arrived so as not to lose touring time to jet lag. Initially, I thought that we would get all sorts of cloudy pix, but tried shooting anyways. My initial pix were pretty good, but I thought that maybe it was because of our proximity to the spotlights. So we walked across the Gaudi Park and stopped in front of the pond facing the cathedral. You can see the quality of the panoramic picture taken at night from about 100 meters away. Just stunning.
Next, in Milan, we walked through “Il Duomo de Milano” (Cathedral of Milan). Again, I was completely amazed at the brightness of the entire picture. Not only were the subjects of my pictures bright, but the ceiling and all of the pillar details 20170610_172500.jpgwere brightly colored as if I had a high end flash!
Finally, when we went to go see the “Cenacolo” (daVinci’s Last Supper), the room is pretty dark (and cold). Years ago, my understanding was that people were not allowed to take flash photographs of the Cenacolo, and that may still be the case. 20170613_102639.jpgHowever, at that point, I was pretty comfortable with the low-light performance, so I gave it a whirl. Not only did it do well with my family standing right in front of the work, but also looked like it was lit up when I was able to take a solo pic after all of the visitors moved away!
Really it’s quite an extraordinary camera. I didn’t do anything to the settings to get it to work in low-light, so for those who are technology challenged, this is a GREAT option.

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What phone do you have?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Was going to say.. .beautiful pictures, but what model phone are you using?