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Awesome Speed on LG G7 ThinQ - WOW!

Sprint Product Ambassador

I'm here in NYC and was running a speed test at home. At first I thought maybe I was on WiFi because I couldn't believe my LG G7 ThinQ showed almost 98Mbps download speeds. Well, I wasn't on WiFi. This was all Sprint's 3x Carrier Aggregation Network.  

Well, that wasn't all... I tried again on my way to the LaGuardia Airport - so, I'm out in Queens, NY and BAM! Look at this.. 155Mbps download. Just thought it would be nice to share. g7 speed.jpgSPRINT SPEED! NY For those that don't know - 3 Carrier Aggregation is basically the process of combining spectrum from 3 different points of frequency. This widens the data pipe which increases data speeds. My understanding is 3 CA can actually hit speeds up to 300Mbps in the right circumstances. 


The LG ThinQ is fast and performs wonderfully on the Sprint network in NY and anywhere I've been in the Tri-State area I might add. This is by far the best speeds I've had on any device from any manufacturer I've tested so far. 

Questions about the LG G7 ThinQ? Thoughts? What do you think about the device?

Until next time - thanks for reading!


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Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

That's amazing. This is what happens when great tech meets the fastest network. ⚡


i have enjoyed it on my current device. my usual test area is a worst case scenario for me. inside of a warehouse surrounded by things that eat signal breakfast, lunch and dinner..and i still pull off on average 40mbps down up to around 50 depending on the it.