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Best of the Google Pixel 3a Photos - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

With a 12 megapixel, optically stabilized main camera, the Google Pixel 3a is a fantastic choice for photographers wanting a small, long lasting, unobtrusive camera phone that does great - day, night, up close or far away!  I surfed through the camera finder on Flickr and picked a few of the best of the best images taken with the Google Pixel 3a.


You have to start with a cat photo - that's what the Internet is for, right?

48798431651_297d7551ef_c.jpgJuno in the Bookshelf II, CC BY 2.0, Eden, Janine and Jim via Flickr

Amazing night city scape!

48450857727_09750b1d42_c.jpgColorful Night, CC BY-SA 2.0, Ritesh Man Tamrakar via Flickr

Macro photo in the summer

48370939716_835d75ac85_c.jpgOnly in Summer, CC BY-ND 2.0 from Bennilover

And to capture this misty green image - with a phone!  Wow!

49089934787_3a62c8120c_c.jpgMisty Green Empire, CC BY 2.0, Eden, Janine and Jim via Flikr


You or your budding photographer isn't going to go wrong getting a Google Pixel 3a - amazing camera on the phone capable of taking better photos than I am!


Enjoy your new phone!


Will England




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