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BlackBerry KEYone - Keyboard love - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hello everyone!


As I continue to use my BlackBerry KEYone, I find that it is quickly becoming the device of choice for me in my everyday life, both personal and work. I have always been a lover of the BlackBerry Keyboard, and the KEYone is no exception!  Read on to see my thoughts!



Here are some of my previous thoughts from my initial thoughts blog on the BlackBerry KEYone regarding the Keyboard:


The keyboard is arguably one of the best features of any BlackBerry phone, and this KEYone does not disappoint in the slightest!  If it has been a while since using a BlackBerry keyboard, it will take a day or two to get used to, but it’s similar to riding a bike – you can’t forget the feel of typing on a BlackBerry keyboard and how to use it!


The keyboard is set up perfectly and is easy to use quickly and efficiently. The typical BlackBerry keys are there (Shift, alt, sym, enter, delete), and there is some highly enhanced functionality as opposed to other BlackBerry devices, too. I’ll go more into the keyboard operation in a different blog, so keep your eyes out for that one!  The keyboard is one of my favorite features on this device.


The key height & width is perfect, making efficiency of typing easy. I truly make less mistakes in typing with the physical keyboard than I did with an on-screen keyboard.


Built into the keyboard is a fingerprint scanner (in the spacebar), so you can easily unlock your device or authorize applications that are connected to fingerprint (e.g., PayPal, Starbucks, Google Play purchases, etc.).


Overall, the keyboard is slick, efficient (word of the day, here), and versatile. Setting speed dials or quick actions from the keyboard is something I missed, and BlackBerry Mobile brings it back!



The keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone is not just physical in nature; the keyboard is full of software features that enhance the power of the keyboard beyond just typing.


First, you can swipe using the physical keyboard!  Say what?!  Yes, you can simply glide your finger across the keys, similar to a virtual keyboard, to type the words you want!


Second, you have the ability to set keyboard shortcuts for long and short presses of the keyboard.  For example, want to call your significant other? Simple set that person as a long-press keyboard shortcut to always call that person. Maybe you just want to open Twitter? You could set a short-press keyboard shortcut to ‘t’ so that it’ll launch on demand without having to navigate through your applications. There are numerous ways to make the keyboard work perfectly for you!


Finally, you can use gestures on the keyboard while typing to select auto-suggested words (swipe up!) or delete mistyped words (swipe left!). You can also use the keyboard to move the cursor to a specific spot within your text (double-tap keyboard to enable) to edit a letter that you miskeyed.


Keyboard in action

Here is a video I created for using the keyboard!  Also, check out BlackBerry Mobile’s YouTube channel for more detailed instructional videos HERE



Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

When you first begin using your keyboard, there will already be some pre-established long-press shortcuts such as ‘C’ for compose email, ‘A’ for contacts, etc. You can edit these and add more whenever you want. You can easily assign one by long-pressing on a key that doesn’t already have one assigned to it; however, there is also a way to do it through settings.


Navigate to your app tray (button in the bottom middle of your main screen), click Shortcuts at the top and click Keyboard shortcuts.  This allows you to edit existing shortcuts for both short and long presses, as well as create new ones.




Closing thoughts

I thoroughly dig the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard. I have used countless devices since my last BlackBerry smartphone, and I have missed the keyboard for many years. I’ve tried to replace it with other physical keyboard attachments to other smartphones, but nothing ever truly compares to the BlackBerry keyboard. I can type quickly and proficiently with ease, can quickly access important tasks or actions, and now I can even use the physical keyboard like a virtual keyboard. It’s a fantastic mashup of features that continues to prove that the BlackBerry KEYone is truly a device that is different and worth investing in!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Portland, OR area

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