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BlackBerry KEYone - Worlds Most Secure Android

Sprint Product Ambassador

BlackBerry KEYone - Worlds Most Secure Android




As a consumer you wouldn't leave money lying around for some to take or leave your house unlocked and vulnerable to break-ins and theft. How about leaving your car running with the doors unlocked in bad neighborhood. Your smartphone is an extension of you and Blackberry knows this. They take your privacy seriously. Blackberry has a history of being one of the most secure devices on the market. TCL wanted this version of Blackberry to be no different. 


Blackberry has stated they built the KEYone to be the most secure android phone. They have done this through designing and building the KEYone with security in mind from the start. Added to the core of the device is DTEK. The security monitoring app designed by Blackberry for android. It is designed to monitor and control the level of security on your device.




DTEK monitors your applications and lets you know when an application is accessing features of the phone it was not designed to do or at least not shown to have. DTEK monitors when an application takes a picture or video, accesses your contacts, requests your GPS location, or even turning on your microphone. From within the DTEK application you can view the details of each application permissions, modify the notifications for an app, stop the app from running and even uninstall it.


When you first access DTEK you will be given an initial assessment of your devices security based on 10 key areas of concern.  


  • Apps & Permissions - Discover how apps are using permissions
  • Data Encryption - Uses your screen lock to decrypt data 
  • Developer Options - Based on developer options being enabled
  • Device Hardware - Authenticity of the device
  • Factory Reset Protection - Based on screen lock being set and Google                                                        account added
  • Operating System - OS validated by Blackberry 
  • Operating System Integrity - Validates if 3rd party apps modify the OS
  • Remote Management - Android Device Manager App is active
  • Screen Lock - Strong password or PIN is setup
  • Trusted App Sites - Device is set to down load apps from playstore




The readout of the graphical display being presented upon completion of the assessment will give the device security status. The range is from Red, Yellow, Green or Poor, Fair, and Excellent. Each of the 10 key areas will be rated as well so you know which area needs to be reviewed to bring up the overall security of the phone. 


mba1430916996722_lowres_en-us.png - GOOD mba1430916863504_lowres_en-us.png - FAIR mba1430916934127_lowres_en-us.png - POOR


Once you have accessed the DTEK application it will start providing you feed back on the application installed and their accessing of the devices features i.e. camera, gps, contact etc... If an application you know is good that is constantly causes DTEK to alert you of its actions you can disable DTEK from monitor this application. Simply access DTEK apps and permissions and a list of the installed application will be presented. Scroll to the application in question and select notifications under the application and either turn them off.  The other option is to select the permissions tab and turn off DTEKs monitoring of the feature causing the notifications.




Here's where I think DTEK can be expanded on by the developer. As I believe it would be better to know when an application is accessing features that per the application itself doesn't have or require instead of alerting you on features the application already has permission for. 


Not only has TCL and Blackberry developed a remarkable phone they have created the most secure phone on the market. Rest assured that when using the Blackberry KEYone your information is protected and that applications running do what they are supposed to. Though should a rogue application start to not cooperate you will be notified about it. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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