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Blackberry KEYone - Block Those Prying Eyes

Sprint Product Ambassador

Blackberry KEYone - Block Those Prying Eyes




Are you a commuter or do you work in an industry where secrets run amuck. Ever get that feeling someone is looking over your shoulder trying watch what you are doing. Well Blackberry KEYone is loaded with tons of great security features. One of the features includes the Privacy Shade application.  


The Privacy shade when activated turns the screen dark. This dark shading effect can be modified to allow minimal viewing to a straight black screen. The only view option is either a through rectangle viewer or a circle viewer. Each viewer has 3 various sizes for visibility. The viewer can be navigated on the phone and whatever it highlights users are able to see and read. To activate the Privacy Shade simply navigate to the applications and select it. You can enable the option to have privacy shade show in the notification bar for easy access. Another option is to setup the privacy shade as a tile in your swipe down menu. To perform this swipe down to access the top menu and click the pencil/edit icon. Now scroll down to see the option tiles you can add. Simply drag the privacy shade icon to where you want it. Finish by exiting out. Next time you swipe down the Privacy Shade icon will now be listed for easy access.  This is how I enable this feature for use. 








Even though the Privacy shade does darken the screen navigating and accessing applications even if the viewer was not over the icon can still be activated. This would be a nice addition to this application where items can only be accessed or manipulated when the viewing screen is over them. That way you don't accidentally open an application when you meant for something else.  


Privacy Shade is great tool created by Blackberry to give users that control over their own security and privacy. They help to empower people that are on the go. Never worry about those prying eyes again. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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