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Blackberry KEYone Keyboard: Quality or Quirk?

Sprint Product Ambassador

It has been 2 weeks now with the Blackberry KEYone and I think I am finally starting to get used to the keyboard again.  I used to be a wiz with the keyboard in my younger days.  I could type out a novel on that little keyboard of a Blackberry Curve if I needed to.  But time and familiarity with virtual keyboards has slowed my ability.  

The good news is that that old cliche about riding a bike applies here as well.  Other than a few new nifty shortcuts and tricks up it's sleeve it is still the same clicky keyboard you know and love from the golden age of Blackberry.  


Shortcuts Galore

The first big change is that this keyboard is touch enabled!  Meaning that you can swipe on it to choose words or move back throughout the sentences for correction or deletion.  You can also use word prediction to write common sentences very quickly.  It took me a week or so to get this down but now that I have learned how it is just as fast as swype on a virtual keyboard for me. 

The next neat feature of the keyboard is the ability to set any button to launch any app.  You can even set it for long presses or short presses technically giving you 52 shortcut keys if you needed them.

BBShortcut.pngKEYone shortcut screen

The KEYone's ability to take something like a keyboard and teach it new tricks is what makes this such a compelling device.  From the fingerprint reader in the space bar to the swype gestures and the shortcuts the keyboard is one truly smart piece of this smartphone.

BB Swype.PNGBlackberry Swype Courtesy