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Blackberry KEYone: Security and You

Sprint Product Ambassador

The headlines seem to blare it every other day.  New malware found your phone at risk!  So what is all this about and why do we care?


Cybercriminals have become expected in our day to day lives.  It seems that every day we hear how another company has been compromised.  From Equifax to Target our data is out there and available for exploitation.  So what can I do?  

First thing is use some common sense online.  Don't download things from places that might be suspect.  Don't enter passwords in forms that you followed from links in email or the web instead go to the desired website and enter it directly.  Lastly you should keep your device up to date.  

And get a Blackberry...

One thing that has truly wowed me about this phone are all the neat little security features.  But Blackberry touts a ton of hardened software features.

Security.PNGCredit Bla1ze from crackberry forums for compiling this list.

So Blackberry takes your security seriously on the back end letting you handle your security on the front end with a bunch of helper applications.


DTEK by BlackberryScreenshot_20171016-115949.pngDTEk by Blackberry

This app lets you do security status checks and warns you if anything looks out of the ordinary or you are doing things that are considered unsafe.  It is easy with a few setting changes to keep your device security in the green.

The DTEk app offers event logging so you can see what is happening with your device and an easy to understand layout that guides you to the settings and apps to make your device more secure. 








Password Keeper


IMG_0079.JPGA password keeper so secure it wouldn't even let me screenshot it!Blackberry has also built in an included password keeper that will keep track of your passwords and enter them into legitimate websites when needed without you having to type them out.  

This app has thought of everything as I couldn't even screenshot it for the blog and had to manually take a picture because screenshots are not allowed of your passwords.







Screenshot_20171016-121614.pngPrivacy Shade for all those snoopers!



Privacy Shade

There is also the Privacy Shade app.  This genius app lets you look at anything on your screen in small windows while the rest is blacked out.  So don't want anyone reading over your shoulder on the subway or that airplane?  Privacy Shade!

You can move the shade around the screen or change its shape from a line to a magnifying glass. This can come in handy to keep those snoops from seeing something you don't want to share.








Overall the security and privacy options for this phone are great compared to every other Android phone I have used.  From the hardened software to the privacy apps that make it easier to stay safe out there Blackberry really does have a lock on security.


Come back soon for my final thoughts on this great device.