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Blackberry KEYone - What is that?

Sprint Product Ambassador

As soon as I pulled the KEYone out of the box I was impressed. It has style and a little bit of weight to it. It feels comfortable. It just looks secure. I love the weight of it in my hand. It feels like a "real phone". All of the phones out there are so lite now. The back isn't slick, so you can hold onto it and the width is just right.  





 Everywhere I go I get questions about it. Especially from the below 20's crowd who haven't seen anything like it before. My youngest daughter remembered something similar from when she was younger and was like "No way! What is that?" She took off with it to show her boyfriend who didn't ever remember seeing a phone with a keypad before. - Talk about making you feel old!



They must have played around with the phone for about 30 mins and loved it, but wished the screen was bigger. They loved the fact that they could use the keypad or the screen and had already figured out that the keypad could be used for multiple functions. Without reading anything about it, they were able to swipe the keypad to enter text and slide from page to page. 


I had the same reaction at a music festival. People would see me using the phone and ask about it. I told one man that it was a Blackberry and he was happy to see it. He remembered how much he liked the blackberry he had previously and missed the way it was setup. He also liked the weight and size of the phone. At one point it was pretty crazy. I was getting nachos and wound up talking to a group of about 5 folks at once about it, passing it around. 


Grocery store, post office, festivals, no matter where I went there seemed to be a curious mind wanting to see and touch.  Once you see it you will feel the same way. Try it out at a Sprint Store. I think once you hold it in your hand you will like it. 


Here are a few things I like about it. 

- The weight, as I mentioned already at 6.35 oz you feel like you have a sturdy well built phone, and it is. 

- The screen. Although the screen is smaller than what I am used to ( 4.5 in due to the keyboard), it feels and responds better than other phones I have used. What I mean is that my fingers glide across it and it is shaped to where the edge round off instead of a rim when you get to the edge. The display is bright and there are options to change it or use adaptive brightness to automatically adjust based based on your lighting. 

- It comes with 32gbs. That's a lot of storage already built in but you can always use up to a 2tb sd card if you need it. So there should be more than enough room for music, pictures and work. 

- The camera takes great pictures. I was pretty surprised but at 12 MP it should. It was not confusing just point and click.bbpic.jpg


- The KEYBOARD!!!! I was so excited to see a keyboard. I missed having actual keys to press. Not only can you enter information but you can swipe the keyboard to change pages and and to enter predictive text (the words that pop up when you enter a few characters). they call it Flick Typing. It works for me. A mic button is also on the keyboard, so if you need to speak into it to write a message you can-without having to search for it or press extra buttons. There is also a mute button on the side of the phone that you can use quickly to mute, you can also set that up to use as a quick action when not talking on the phone. 


The battery strength is outstanding. I can go about two days without charging but I don't play games and seldom watch videos or listen to music on it. I use it more for work things. It does use a type C USB so keep that in mind. It is a little larger than the USB for some other Android phones. I can use a quick charger without issue. One thing that is really cool is the way you can see it charging and how far along it is by looking at the bar that runs below the screen and up the right side. You can select to charge fast using boost or just charge. When plugged into a computer you get and additional option, Charge and Data.






These are just the highlights. There is a great video on the Blackberry KEYone site that shows all the sleek details of the phone.  You will be impressed!


Thanks for reading!


 For more information, visit the Blackberry site.


Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee.