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Costa Rica with the Note 8

Sprint Product Ambassador

I had the privilege to visit Costa Rica earlier in the month.  It was beautiful and I had a blast.  I brought back only pictures and souvenirs.  Please allow me to share the pictures.



I love the camera and couldn't be happier with the beach pics.  The panorama looks great as well.  To bad the sun was so hot it ate through 2 applications of SPF 50 sunscreen and burnt me up!



Crossed over a bridge where salt water crocodiles congregate.  It was really cool to see them like this sunbathing.  Though the bridge we stood one was definitely swaying.
20180301_144457.jpgPool at the house we rented.20180301_175707.jpgThese masks where all over the house re rented.  Not sure but we may have been renting from Black Panther.