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Document Scanning - LG Stylo 3

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hi All,

I wanted to share how cool and easy document scanning is on the new LG Stylo 3. 

Getting to the scanning menu is simple... just pop out the stylus and a quick menu comes up that lets you choose from 'Pop Memo', 'Pop Scanner', 'QuickMemo+' or 'Maps'. You'll want to select Pop Scanner. 

 A screen 'pops' up (similar to a camera screen) to line up a box around the document you want to scan.

Select the 'camera' icon at the bottom of the screen and BAM... you're in business. 
BUTTTT.. before you do that you'll want to choose from the little 'film' reel at the top and choose the filter you want for your scan. Mine seems to default to more of a Sepia Tone... and I really want a nice bright scan. So, choose your filter.. and then the 'camera' icon.. and then... BAM... you're really in business.

From there you can choose how much of the image you want to capture by using the selector box to expand or minimize the area of your document.  Then click done. 
Once you've selected your content you can 'scan new' to add more pages, or 'Insert' to add text and markup.. or crop. 
Once you're done with your document you can go to quick memo and edit some more and select how you want to share it.. 

I choose PDF... 

Excellent for sending expense reports, directions, highlighted sections of documents and more. 

Hope this was useful.  

Interested in the Stylo 3? Ask me anything! 

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