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Dual Messenger with Samsung Note 8

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sometimes, there are certain use cases in our daily lives that are not for the masses, but nonetheless quite important. One of these use cases are to keep your work and personal life separate on your smartphones. Now I know a lot of people have switched to using their work emails for personal uses to make life simpler, but I do feel there needs to be a clean separation between these 2 sections of our lives.


Samsung developed the Knox platform to do just that, and overtime it has evolved into a robust platform for folks who need a strong secure device for their work needs. But not everyone needs that. I like to have an option where I can use 2 separate instances of messaging apps, one for personal and the other for work/volunteering.


Samsung calls this feature Dual Messenger. I currently have Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook and Facebook Messenger installed, and dual Messenger supports all 4 of them. There are plenty more apps it supports. Give it a shot.dual-messenger-1-720x316

All you have to do is, install the app you want to use with 2 separate accounts. Go to settings, search Dual Messenger, and click on that option. All the possible apps it can support will show up. Just flip the switch and the device will ask to reinstall the app. Voila you have 2 copies of the same app and you can log in separately with 2 different account. Give it a shot.


Until next time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team