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Essential Phone - Camera Review

Sprint Product Ambassador

Essential Phone - Camera Review


The Essential phone is loaded with a rear camera which includes a 13MP Dual RGB + Mono camera with image fusion technology and 13MP True Monochrome mode with an aperture of f/1.85 lens. The front camera 8MP resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio f/2.20 fixed hyperfocal lens. For the focus of this review I will mainly be looking at the rear camera.


First I took some pictures to see how the macro worked on this camera and the definition of up close images came out. To me the quality was not bad on the 13MP camera. Resolution came out pretty good along with nice detail being seen. Very little distortion but not strong crisp edges were seen. 




Here are some daytime outside shots. I'm sharing some with color and one with more grays due to overcast to get a understanding on how the lense captures detail along with colors being highlight and also muted. Check out how the orange and reds pop out in the color composition. While look at the gray in the moss on the tree with the overcast light. Both appears to be great captures and the camera handles very well in this case.




Here is a shot to show how the camera can handle low light conditions. To me the quality turned out great. The camera picked up all the various colors being presented in okay detail.  In the closer image some details were lost but overall scene was still visible. 




Finally I tried to dive into capture more utilizing a Multi-Purpose Target Box including a resolution measurement chart for the first time. I am no expert but just wanted to give some photographic detail utilizing both the monochromatic ability and standard RGB capture. Per this output I can see the picture is not depicting the 13MP camera very well as the detail starts to get lost when zooming in.




With the resolution guide the picture does begin to get lost starting around the 10 indicator on Graphic C. When I shot this, the camera was mounted on a stable tripod and utilized the 10 sec timer. Though I have to be honest the resolution guide was a print out and not the original.  On the print out you can clearly make out the lines all the way through to the 10 indicator. Graphic D shows the viewing on the vertical and horizontal captures. You can see on the more detail close up in Graphic D the curve of the lines start to blend more after the 10 indicator this what I should expect.  



Graphic C


Graphic D

Veritcal and Horizontal View.jpg


The Essential camera holds up pretty well to the quality the camera was to provide. though I am not a professional photographer I am trying to show how the camera takes shots in various different scenes. The resolution guide and Multi-Purpose Target Box were my way to further extend the camera testing to a more rigid exam. The output yielded did give me promising results and were on par with what I expect a 13MP camera to show. 


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.



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