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Essential Phone Performance and Battery Life

Sprint Product Ambassador

After several weeks of using the essential, I am glad to say that they did follow through with an update that improved the camera tremendously. The essential team says that they will be providing software updates for two years and one year of updates on security, so there is the possibility of even more improvements in updates to come. This article though is going to be focused on performance and battery life. As for performance, it comes with Android 7.1.1, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB Storage. As I stated in a previous article Essential did not cram a bunch of unnecessary apps onto the device, I have experienced several unexplainable slowdowns which was not to be expected with the set up between hardware and software it should operate smoothly so its possible this too will improve in an update. With that being said I experienced the slowdowns during heavy gameplay, and I was intentionally putting the phone to the test.   Now the battery is impressive with 3040mAh and can easily last an entire day with no need to recharge, however, heavy users may find themselves having to charge sooner. The phone does come with a 27watt charging box and a very nice braided cord. After work one day I found my phone to be needing a charge, so I plugged in for a boost. I left home for a run around the neighborhood and upon my return merely 45 minutes later the Essential was found at 100%. In conclusion, I think that for a phone of this caliber the battery life is outstanding, but hopefully, they will launch an update on performance improvement. 



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