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Features of LG G8X ThinQ

Sprint Product Ambassador

Let’s talk features of the LG G8X ThinQ

LG has a great ambition to design a phone to compete with major competitors, to begin with, but when they came out with the G8X ThinQ it’s a different design entirely. In this blog, I am going to discuss its many features and how it may stand up against in the market. There is not much difference in the operating as it comes with a Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset plus 6GB of RAM and runs pretty smoothly through downloads and app retrieval. The LG G8X ThinQ comes with not only 1 but 2 screens and they are both identical and feature a 6.4inch FullVision OLED screen. During recent use, I have noticed no issues with visualization indoors however comparing it to recent competitors this phone is not going to place first for outside viewing for sure. The battery is super thin and is 4000mAh and there will be a separate blog that will give all the pros and cons of this battery and how it holds up to support the two-screen system. One feature you will find that some of the other phones on market lack is a headphone jack. That is a beneficial feature to have for avid music listeners although most are transitioning to wireless headsets which is also a possibility with this device. As for the photographer, this may not be your best choice as the rear cameras are 12 and 13 megapixels. Unlike the prior G8 phone that allowed for entry through the palm reading front camera this device is going to boast a great quality 32-megapixel selfie cam. Stay tuned for a camera post once I find something quality to shoot as I am sure you don’t want the selfie cam to capture me. LG did an amazing job at keeping this device around $700 which may give this device an edge up. Its uniqueness and possibilities will have me continuing to use the device in hopes of completely fall in love because with that price tag I will share why choosing this device can work on a budget.


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