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Galaxy S10 Charging

Sprint Product Ambassador

More Power!


One of the coolest new features that I have used on the Galaxy S10 is the wireless powershare.  As an owner of multiple devices that charge wirelessly through the QI charging standard the ability to quickly top off my watch or ear buds is a lifesaver.



Using Wireless Powershare is simple. Turn on the feature from the drop down shade and then place your QI enabled device on the back of your Galaxy S10.  This has already saved me from having to carry multiple chargers or a QI charging pad with me when I travel. 


Samsung shows how easy this is in a short video:




I can really see this feature being a big hit when a friend or co-worker with one of those fruit flavored devices is running low on juice.  As long as your Galaxy's battery is above 30% you can share as much of your 4100mAh battery as you like.  Currently I have not gotten lower than 45% battery in an entire day of use which leaves me plenty of power to spare. 

Buds.pngCharge the Galaxy Buds

With the amount of accessories and phones that are becoming chargeable wirelessly this is a game changer for those that travel or forget to charge their accessories overnight.  I have plugged in my phone set my watch on it overnight and woken up to both being full and ready to go with only one cord needed.


Galaxy1.jpgGrabbing a quick charge.Galaxy3.jpgI like red.

Charged.PNGGiving one of those other phones a boost.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Really cool write up... didn't know that was one of the features of S10.... Thanks!

Sprint Product Ambassador

I demo'ed the wireless charging feature while in the car (I wasn't driving).  It worked while my brother-in-law charged another device via my S10+.  I like the idea of charging the buds or fitness tracker or watch.  Speaking of which... I wonder which one I'll "invest" in next... hmmmm