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Go Flip to Go Simple: Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

“Why are you using THAT?”

“Did your phone break?”

“Did you do something wrong at work?”

Yes – I’ve heard all 3 questions among others when I pull out my new Alcatel Go Flip handset.   It’s a flip phone.  It’s not very smart.  It’s not very different, except that it’s not a smart phone.  It is amazing how people react to a feature phone anymore.  We are so buried in our extended social circle that’s facilitated by the almost ubiquitous smart phone, that we don’t realize how commonplace the smart phone is until we don’t have one.

So why go with the Flip? 

It’s simple!

No really… that’s the whole answer… It’s simple.  There’s not much to it other than telephony 101.  You get quality voice; you get SMS messaging; you get high speed data (LTE); you get some feature functionality that we expect in a phone anymore (native music app, internet browser, and camera).  Although there is chatter about future availability of other applications or features that can be downloaded to the Go Flip, right now, what you see is what you get. 

If you need to simplify, disconnect, and take the constant connectivity down a notch, this is the way to go.  You’ll still be able to communicate, but you won’t be a ‘super-communicator’ anymore, at least not on your phone. 

 Try it to see – simplicity can be quite relaxing, once you let go of all of the attachments of the other apps you are used to using.