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Google Pixel 3a XL - A Battery that Out Lasts the Day

Sprint Product Ambassador

Google Pixel 3a XL - A Battery that Out Lasts the Day


The Google Pixel 3a XL is built with one of the largest batteries I have used coming in at 3700 mAh. This device is said to be able to last multiple days of use on one charge. I am here to test that theory and provide a comprehensive analysis to determine just that. Does that battery last. 


I have seen discussions where users stated they had long screen on time (SOT) hours we are talking 10+ hours. That will be my first order to conduct. How much screen time can I get from my pixel 3a XL. To test this, I did not just want to have the screen on and nothing happening that will not work. I need to have something that is using screen time. I decided to watch TV the whole day from my phone and I do not mean messing with channels or changing streams. I mean turn on the phone and leave the channel playing for as long as the phone can handle it. What I used is HDHomeRun to stream live over-the-air TV to my phone. My current settings were as followed: no battery saver, brightness was set to 65%, WiFi, Data, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC are all on.


I began my test in the morning where my initial capture shows the phone current status reporting back the probability of the current charge lasting 21 hours. By the time I reach 10% with no battery saver on, the report showed the battery may only last another hour giving me a total of roughly 9 hours of phone use. My Screen on time equaled the same reported usage time of roughly 8 hours screen on time. I am not sure how these other users were able to get longer than roughly 9 hours of screen on time other than by maybe turning on battery saver. I did not want to test with battery saver option. I wanted to be able to use my phone with no limitations and battery saver adds limits to the device. I was very happy with the phones screen on time. To me a straight 8 hours seems like a lot on a phone but it is good to know this device can handle it.




I decided to go one step further. I utilized the Application AccuBattery to track my battery usage over time. Even this program report came back that the battery based on a full 100% battery would only yield 9h22m of screen on time. 




So there ya go, both individually tested and program tested the probability of screen on time came back to roughly be the same time. Anyone that tells you they get more than 9 hours of screen on time they must have some serious settings disabled. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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