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Google Pixel 3a XL - Outstanding sound output

Sprint Product Ambassador

Google Pixel 3a XL - Outstanding sound output


Googles Pixel 3a XL is quite an amazing phone. I have only had it over a week and I guess I am still in that infatuation stage, but I hope it never ends. I have been messing with the phone and did not realize that whenever I play music I noticed the sound comes from both the front firing speaker and the bottom speaker at the same time. I found this to be simply great. I liked the fact the I no longer had to angle the phone base towards me to get the full sound experience. This made me wonder how loud these speakers are and do they provide good well-rounded sound output. 


Obviously, the sound output on its own at full blast seemed to fill a room but it was definitely disproportionate to the speakers and their location on the phone. The sound from the front speaker was coming out to be louder than the bottom speaker. This got me thinking how loud is loud. So, I decided to test the decibel(dB) output and find out. For this test I do not own any sound test equipment but downloaded an application "Decibel X" it had over 100k download and an average of 3.9 star review so I figured it maybe one to use and test with. Though keep in mind I am not an audio engineer and I was merely just playing to see the advantages of the speakers themselves.  


When running the test, I was able to see the following:


Bottom speaker showed an output of maximum of 110.5dB with an average of 106.4dB. Front facing speaker was definitely the loudest output. I was able to max the output to 114.3dB and an average of 112.8dB.




Now I did not stop there No Sir Ree Bob. I thought to myself, "Self" if I was an audio engineer what else would I do. That is right we need to test the actual sound quality. So, I listened to the good Ole master audio engineers from Cambridge Audio. I figured they have been listening to speakers and sound quality for over 47 years they should know a thing or two and sure enough they had a nice article already created. Rather than taking and reapply that information here I will leave a link for all to visit cambridgeaudio. As Their article depicts they broke down the testing of speakers into categories (well rounded tracks, tracks with dynamics range, Foot-tap-ability, Bass, listen all the way through tracks).


I took the test with the Pixel 3a XL and yeah yeah yeah I know the sound on the Pixel will no way be able to relate to an actual full and true speaker. That's not what I was going for, I wanted to know does the Pixel have good overall sound quality. Let me tell you, I tested all the tracks and I was happy. I felt the Pixel held good with all the highs and mids, though as you all aware the lows are pretty much nonexistent. While there was no true thump or base I was glad to at least give it a good one two three sound check. If you wish to feel the sensation of good music, please feel free listen. Now I did not develop this test I am only passing along this great info. 



Overall, I am very pleased with the sound output the Pixel 3a XL provides. From my standpoint its output was louder than some of my other devices and the overall quality I felt was great for the device. I think in the future this may be a great area manufactures could expand on.


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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