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Google Pixel 3a XL - Theme it up - PART II

Sprint Product Ambassador

Google Pixel 3a XL - Theme it up - PART II


I have been messing with the options available to tweak the look and appeal of my Pixel 3a XL. I messed with the theme directly to enable the local dark theme so less pixels are activated, and less power is consumed allowing my phone to last just a bit longer. I wanted to learn what else can I change to make it my own. Sure enough I stumbled onto the theme options available to the keyboard. 


Straight away I started messing with the options. but getting to the options was a little tricky if you never done it before. Obviously, you can directly navigate to it from Settings - System - Language & input - Virtual keyboard - Gboard - Theme, or from the keyboard directly hold the comma key and the settings option with appear. Simply let go and you will be brought to the settings screen from the keyboard. Just navigate to the theme section. In this section you will have 4 options already included for choosing Colors, Landscapes, Light gradient, and Dark gradient. What if not of these options appealed to you.




Like me I was not satisfied with the options available. At the top is listed as "My themes" there is a plus icon. When you select the plus icon, it will open a file menu to search with. Here you can navigate to a folder where you have your own picture you would like to use. You can use anything you find. I used a screenshot of my favorite iconic representation of myself, Amishtech Jacob. 




Once you select the image google will super impose a box outline. choose what you want included in the frame and select "next". Next, select the brightness of the picture. Google sets the percentage to 40% which in my case was perfect. Finally, you can select keys to have borders or be borderless and then apply to accept the change. Enjoy your new themed keyboard.





Final Themed Keyboard





Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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