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HTC 5G Hub - Portable Google Home Device

Sprint Product Ambassador

While I was goofing around with my 5G Hub, I realized that as this device has full Android installed on it, it will also have Google Assistant installed. So maybe I could make this hub a portable Google home device which I can take when I travel. So you would wonder, well how will you talk to it etc? Well this hub has both a microphone and a decent speaker, so yea, you can talk to it.


Below is a short demo:


How to do it? Simple. Setup your Google account like you would on any Android device that also is the account for your Google home setup. That will tie this to your other devices and overall Google profile together. When you say "Hey Google" the first time, it will ask you some questions to setup your voice, etc for voice match. I did have a little trouble with it, so I set that up on my phone first. Then followed the rest of the setup and Google Assistant woke up, worked like my Google Home devices @ home. Give it a try.


P.S. I would put a screen lock if I am putting my Google account on this.


-- Your Product Ambassador Team